Girl jumping into green rock pool

Located south of Cairns, near Gordonvale, the beautiful Behana Gorge is well worth the journey

Girl floating in large green deep water hole

Get here by putting ‘Behana Gorge Road’ into your Google Maps. This will take you down past Walsh’s Pyramid. Once on this road, follow it right until the end where you see a carpark.

This marks the start of the walk. From here it takes about 45 minutes to get to the waterfall at the end. This walk is not a pleasant stroll but not an excessive hike either. This sealed concrete path takes you up and down over hills, the worst of them being right at the end. It’s a popular spot for those wanting a cardio workout.

Concrete pathway in the rainforest with water pipe beside
This is your view almost the entire way

The waterfall at the end is very large and very impressive. When it has been raining a lot, this area can be far too rough to swim so keep that in mind if planning to visit in the rainy season. The water is very, very cold but is perfect after you’re hot and sweaty after your walk in!

Water rapids heading through rock
You’re here!

These photos were taken over two different times to Behana. The first time I went by myself but there were too many people at the big waterfall (my fault for going at 2pm on a public holiday) to get the photos I wanted, I headed back and ran into my friends Abbey and Liv. We found a smaller spot along the way and I ended up getting out my drone. I almost didn’t bring it with me but I’m really glad I did. I had no intentions of getting into the cold water until I saw what it looked like from above and jumped in straight away haha.

The second time I went back with a few friends, the water was freezing but exactly the cooling off we needed. Remember to take mosquito repellent and strong ones – I was absolutely destroyed by March Flies this time around.

Girl sitting with back to camera overlooking large waterfall and waterhole
Water rapids going through rock with large waterfall in the background on the right
Girl jumping into green rock pool
This rock pool was at the main waterfall spot just slightly down. When the water is pumping I imagine this is underwater but when we went we were lucky 🙂
Girl sitting meditating in front of large water hole in the rainforest
Girls legs hanging out over rock over water below
Girl about to jump into green rock pool
The water is sooo green and clear!!
Girl mid jump jumping into green rock pool
Girl floating in large green deep water hole
This rock pool was a walk away from the main waterfall. If you head back in the direction you came at the first dip, you head to the right and you’ll see a lot of pools to swim in. This was one of the bigger ones. Looked so good from the air I had to get in!
Three girls making love heart with their hands at a very large clear green rock pool - taken by a drone
Two girls sitting next to very large green rock pool
girl floating in dark green rock pool
Liv floating about
Girl floating in clear green rock pool
Large waterfall
Drone shot of three girls sitting next to clear green large rock pool
This was a really good afternoon 🙂
girl sitting next to clear green rock pool

I absolutely love an adventure to Behana Gorge. The walk in makes you feel very deserving of the cool water when you arrive and the walk back is predominately downhill 🙂

When you leave Behana Gorge carpark and head back to Cairns you will be greeted with an impressive view of Walsh’s Pyramid. Be sure to pull over for the photo op. It’s especially beautiful at sunset Golden Hour 🙂

Girl standing on road looking up at pyramid shaped mountain
Girl standing on road looking up at pyramid shaped mountain
girl standing on road looking at pyramid shaped mountain at sunset
girl standing on road surrounding by sugar cane looking at pyramid shaped mountain in distance at sunset
One of my favourite photos I’ve taken