Girl standing in front of graffiti wall in Melbourne that says "Just another little chapter"

Melbourne 2017

February 2017 I found myself technically homeless for 4 days. Having had to move out of my old place on Wednesday and unable to move into my new place until the following Monday I realised instead of crashing on a friend’s couch between moving I could just leave my stuff in storage at my old place (convenient) and book a quick trip away. I’d be dying to return to Melbourne since my first time visiting the city in December 2015 so off I went.

My first ever roommate moved to Melbourne over a year ago, and ever since he went down I’d been telling him I’d be down to visit so was good to finally stick to my word..! He picked me up at the airport and I stayed at his new place that night before venturing into the city the next day to do all the touristy stuff I’d been dying to do (aka. street art laneways).

I left Josh in the city because I was staying at a hostel for the next two nights. I stayed at The Exford Hotel which was a little rundown but had a really nice atmosphere with lots of long term backpackers who were working and living in Melbourne. – And was right across the road from China Town in the CBD.

I was staying at a hostel because I’d booked a day tour the following day down to the 12 Apostles leaving 6am getting back 9pm or so. I spent the evening walking around enjoying the sunset.

Unfortunately the weather the following day wasn’t great, it was cloudy and rainy. Luckily when we arrived at the 12 Apostles the weather turned around and we were given 20 minutes of complete sunny weather – could not have been happier.

I went down with Autopia Tours but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them. They really limited our time at the main attractions (we were only allowed 20 minutes for Gibson’s Steps – it takes about 5-10 minutes to get down to the beach without rushing) and we had a lot of ‘filler’ activities that weren’t anything special. We did though get to see a few wild koalas and a photo op with some colourful birds that was nice.

The Great Ocean Road even on the rainy day was still stunning. I’d love to come back with my own car and spend as much time as I’d like stopping on the side of the road. Victoria reminded me a lot of England, but that might just be because I was at the beach still having to wear tights haha!

Overall it was still a wonderful day that I’m super happy to have had.

My final day in Melbourne I spent catching up with childhood friends and university friends. Before catching the flight back to Brisbane.

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