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Tucked away between Spain and Morocco and considered by some to be the ‘End of Europe’ Gibraltar is a tiny (less than 7km squared!) country that is perfect for a weekend getaway or part of a wider Europe trip. This tiny country packs a punch of Instagrammable spots, and one spot you absolutely cannot miss when exploring Gibraltar is Catalan Bay.

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What is Catalan Bay?

Catalan Bay is a colourful fishing village found in Gibraltar. As you can see from the photos, it is known for its vibrant (and beautiful) coloured houses that line the beach. This bay has an interesting history regarding arguments about the origin of its name and in the 19th century only fishermen were allowed to live here. Luckily, today it is open to be explored and is a must for any Gibraltar itinerary.

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Where is Catalan Bay?

Catalan Bay is found on the Eastern side of Gibraltar. Due to the tiny size of the entire country, you can reach Catalan Bay by car but it is easy just to walk here (as we did). Being on the east side with most Gibraltar attractions, hotels and restaurants on the west side (and a big rock in between it all, of course!) Catalan Bay is found a 30 minute walk from the Gibraltar International Airport or about a 25 minute walk from Ocean Village. The walk is flat and easy to walk.

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When is the best time to visit Catalan Bay?

Catalan Bay is found in Gibraltar at the south of Spain so is one of the lucky countries on the Europe continent that experiences a hot summer and a milder winter. Winter temperatures sit between 11 and 17 degrees Celsius so make a nice escape from what can be otherwise blistering cold weathers of winter elsewhere in Europe, and summer temperatures sit at a pleasant 18 to 28 degrees Celsius. You can visit Catalan Bay at what time of day you would like and early mornings often mean less people are around if you want to take photos. However, I would recommend either bringing a beach towel and book or coming later as the cafes aren’t open until later. You can find a list of restaurants near Catalan Bay here.

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What else is there to see in Gibraltar?

This country may be small but there is a lot to fit into a weekend trip here. From the obvious of exploring the Rock of Gibraltar to dolphin cruises, hiking, and eating, plan your weekend escape here: Gibraltar weekend itinerary: How to spend a weekend in Gibraltar or if you’re looking for the most photogenic locations in the country: The most Instagrammable places in Gibraltar.

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