Mt Tibrogargan Instagram Road Sunshine Coast Sarah Latham

You’ve seen the photo on Instagram, the road heading towards Mt Tibrogargan over the rolling hills of the Glass House Mountains. This view (and Instagram picture) has become almost an icon of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, and while it’s often clear that this picture is snapped at Mt Tibrogargan, it’s not clear where this exact spot is.

You can, of course, drive to Mt Tibrogargan and start driving around the roads looking for the shot, but that will take some time… To cut down wasted time you can find the Mt Tibrogargan Instagram road by following these instructions.

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Firstly, this road is called Marshs Road. I first drove down this road in the opposite direction of the view so didn’t see it. To spot the Instagram road spot straight away, drive to Marshs Road from Old Gympie Road in the direction of the Glass House Mountains Eco Lodge.

The best spot to snap a pic is right at the top of one of the rolling hills – however, this obviously goes without saying, you have to be careful for traffic. If you are going to step out in front of the road there, any cars approaching will not be able to see you until they reach the summit of the hill.

When I visited (about 10am on a Saturday) it wasn’t that busy but there were definitely cars heading in both directions so be careful. I would recommend visiting in golden hour rather than the middle of the day like I did to see the mountain in front shrouded in a golden light. I took all my photos with my zoom lens to try and capture the size of mountain in comparison to how small I am in comparison.

Mt Tibrogargan Instagram Road Sunshine Coast Sarah Latham

You can find the road by clicking on this Google Maps link. It is just over an hours drive north from Brisbane and 30 minutes drive south from Caloundra. Enjoy!

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