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If you’re visiting Malta, there is no doubt a large number of places on your must do list. From the Blue Lagoon, to the Blue Grotto, the Popeye Village and more, you’re going to want to have your camera out and at the ready as you experience this magical island. Many people choose to stay in Valletta (or at least visit Valletta during their time in Malta). If you’re visiting Valletta and like a bit of photography or Instagram, don’t leave without visiting the Instagram spot in Valletta Malta.

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Where is Malta?

Malta is found at the southern part of Europe, below Italy. It is a small country, less than 320km squared and has a population of just over half a million. It is a very popular tourist destination, with lots of things to do and see in Malta and is a very photographic (hence, Instagrammable) country.

Where is Valletta?

Valletta is a walled city that is the capital of Malta. It is a common place for Malta tourists to stay, eat and visit when exploring the country. You can find Valletta on the north east side of the island. Due to the smaller population of the entire country, Valletta is the EU’s smallest capital city. Malta International Airport is located just a 25 or so minute drive from Valletta, which is very convenient for people wanting to visit the city. Valletta is a great city for your Instagram feed.

How to find the Instagram spot in Valletta Malta?

This Instagram spot in Valletta provides a stunning view across the Valletta city skyline as well as capturing the Dome of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Believe it or not, this gorgeous Valletta Instagram spot is actually found in a parking lot!

Valletta Malta Sarah Latham Copyright

Put Giannini Restaurant parking lot into Google Maps (Google Maps location here) and follow it to the western side of Valletta – you can drive but it is easy to walk. Face your camera in the other direction from the parking lot, and -boom- there is the view. Here you’ll be able to sit and snap a beautiful shot with yourself, the skyline or even a POV!

Valletta Malta Sarah Latham Copyright
Valletta Malta Sarah Latham Copyright

Other Instagram spots in Valletta

In addition to the beautiful Valletta Instagram spot shown above, while you’re here be sure to snap a few gorgeous photos of the streets (many have great views), the Dome of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the beautiful doors around the city. There are many beautiful spots to take photos and Instagram shots in Valletta.

Valletta Malta Sarah Latham Copyright

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