Tully Gorge Lookout in Atherton Tablelands

Tully Gorge feels like something out of this world, or from a different time. Millions of years of water flowing through, has created a beautiful and mysterious gorge that caught my eye very early on.

Always put down as something I must do, I didn’t actually visit it myself for almost a year.

When I arrived it was well worth the drive, and a place I will definitely go back to many times because of its beauty.

Tully Gorge Lookout in Atherton Tablelands

How to get to Tully Gorge

Put into Google Maps “Tully Falls Lookout.” Tully Gorge is located on the Atherton Tablelands (not actually in Tully like I originally thought) so can be accessed via any of the ranges. Although Gillies Range would be the quickest, I would rather drive the additional 15 minutes to go via the Palmerston Highway myself.

Frog on Gillies Highway in Cairns

(If you do choose the Gillies Range you do get to see this guy though)

The drive to Tully Falls Lookout from Cairns CBD is approximately 2 hours 15 minutes.

The road to Tully Falls lookout is sealed right until the end. However, I drove in my Nissan Micra and found it was fine all the way down to the end.

When you arrive at Tully Falls Lookout, you will be able to see Tully Gorge from what will now appear to be a side angle. This view is quite beautiful, but the picturesque area is a short walk away.

Head down to your right and you will see a permanent path. Follow this path until it finishes and you reach a creek. Walk back along this creek the way you came from (if you are standing facing the creek, walk to your left) until you find a place to cross.

I, personally, am major major croc scared. So I was very apprehensive at this point but I have no idea whether that was practical fear or all in my mind. The area we crossed you don’t even enter the creek you just step over it. It was probably 1 minute down if that from when we first reached the creek.

When you cross the creek you are basically there and can almost see the view in front of you. All around you is just the dry rock formations. Keep walking straight until you get to the view and the pool of water. Very easy to see and find.

Be careful though although a lot of my friends have been in the wet season, when I posted my photos on Instagram I had one random follower who would not stop contacting me for going in wet season as this area can completely flood. All of this advice on how to get to this spot is not to take the place of common sense. If it is raining heavily, if there are any official warnings out about the area or if you even think it could be dangerous just don’t do it…


Swimming near Tully Gorge Lookout in Atherton Tablelands

When we arrived, as it had not been raining a lot at all, the main pool of water was disgustingly stagnant (sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear). The main pool of water if it’s stagnant don’t go in it…  I’m surprised how bad it was doesn’t actually show in the pictures (sorry again so much honesty) as there were probably 100-200 tadpoles in there.

However the pools of water all around were flowing and fine (hence pictured above with us in them) and were sooo nice and relaxing. Although we did struggle a little bit to get out of them due to their slippery sides (took a bit of team work haha!).


While everyone takes a photo in front of the pool, it’s actually really beautiful from all areas of the lookout. The rocks are really smooth and not slippery (at least not when we went) and therefore it’s really easy to explore.

Tully Gorge in Atherton Tablelands

If you have a drone this is definitely the place you want to take it. I think it’s the easiest place I’ve ever flown my drone because I wasn’t concerned about obstacles or losing sight of the drone and very easy to land and take off on such smooth surfaces. Plus as you can see most of my photos were taken from above because it certainly shows just impressive this gigantic gorge really is. 

Tully Gorge Lookout near Atherton Tablelands

We left Cairns at about 5amish, and we we’re up at this spot by 8am. We had it completely to ourselves as I imagine that is the case for now most times you go. We unfortunately had to get back to Cairns for about midday so didn’t see anything else around. But Millstream Falls is only 25 minutes away from this spot and there are a few great things to see near here. You can cross back through Millaa Millaa on the way home/there if you wish to make it a full day itinerary.

Tully Gorge Sarah Latham

Absolutely beautiful. Tully Gorge is a must do.

If you like Tully Gorge, you may also want to visit Windin Falls, Wallaman Falls, Barron Falls or more spectacular Cairns waterfalls.

Tully Gorge Lookout in Atherton Tablelands