Looking at mountains, lake and old town of Kotor from the Kotor Fortress at Sunset

“And now, Harry,  let us step into the night
and pursue that flighty temptress,
– Albus Dumbledore

Mid-August 2017 I woke up to the view of the mountains surrounding Kotor in Montenegro.

While we were supposed to have arrived to sunset the day before, the Croatian border had other plans. We were stuck (as was everyone) on the border exiting Croatia for 3-4 something hours. The unexpected ‘joys’ of travel. Afterwards we learnt this was quite a common experience driving out of Croatia so prepare for it and allow yourself a lot of wiggle room or you’ll be having dinner at 1130pm like us.

Arriving so late we had NO idea what was actually surrounding us and it was actually a real treat to wake up to.

We had one ‘full’ day in Montenegro which was split between Kotor Old Town (where we stayed) and Budva (where we spent the afternoon). Kotor was definitely my favourite of the two.

One of the coolest things about Kotor Old Town was that it’s literally a maze inside and so, so easy to get lost in. This was because as pirates were actually a real threat to the old town years ago, they made the town into a maze. Therefore if pirates arrived they would run in, and get lost amongst the streets while the more learned locals would be able to use that extra time to run out and up into the mountains, away to safety.

We stayed at the “Old Town Hostel” but after waking up at 4am to hostel workers and randoms in our room I wouldn’t recommend it. Our bathroom was used (without us being told) by other people staying in the hostel – weird and unpleasant to wake up in the middle of the night lemme tell ya.

It was a hot and pleasant afternoon in Budva, about an hours drive away from Kotor.

When we got back to Kotor we had a few hours before sunset. Kotor has a famous fort with an amazing view I’d already seen photos of and was eager to see with my own eyes. We hiked up early to beat the crowds arriving for sunset and the early bird certainly paid of. It is a moderate but fairly easy (and safe) climb. A very beautiful view and place to watch the sunset over the mountains and lake. Absolutely stunning part of the world.

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