Fisherman's Cove Sarah Latham Cornwall

On your way to Cornwall and looking for the best secret spots away from the crowds? Welcome to Fisherman’s Cove. Tucked away on the Northern side of Cornwall, you’ll be forgiven if you think you’ve been transported to Bali when you first clasp eyes on this secret Cornwall spot. It’s turquoise blue water, towering cliffs and sandy beaches feels a little different from what you’d typically expect a British beach to look like.

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You can view Fisherman’s Cove from above or trek down to experience the beach from below. Either way be sure to bring your camera as you’re going to want to snap a pic (or two!).

How to get to Fisherman’s Cove

To get to Fisherman’s Cove, put this location into Google Maps (Google Maps link here also). When you arrive at the area, you will see a dedicated parking area for your car.

Fishermans Cove carpark

Fisherman’s Cove Lookout

Once you’ve parked your car, head towards the pathway seen on one side of the carpark. This is an easy trail that will take you through the fields in the direction of Fisherman’s Cove Lookout.

As you walk along the trail keep your eye out for a very small opening on your right. This is pretty easy to miss so be sure to be vigilant.

Fishermans Cove trail
Opening on the right hand side of the trail

This part of the trail gets very thin; however, it is just hedges on either side so it is easy to squeeze your way through. After only a short while walking on this smaller trail you’ll approach the impressive lookout.

Fishermans Cove Nudity Sign
First things first – choose your clothing stance

Fisherman’s Cove is a clothing optional beach; although when we visited we stayed fully clothed (well bikini’d) and so did the other people around us) – but something to keep in mind!

The Lookout

The lookout is very impressive. Overlooking the beach, cliff faces and surrounding ocean, you can really take in the beauty and feel for a place that feels thousands of kilometres away from England.

Fishermans Cove Sarah Latham

The Walk to Fisherman’s Cove Beach

Once you’ve taken in Fisherman’s Cove from above, those willing can begin the trek down to the beach below. Be warned this trek is very slippery, muddy and quite steep; however, for those able, it isn’t an overall difficult track.

Fishermans Cove beach walk
Photo from the trek back up from the beach

I had non-slip shoes so ended up taking them off just to walk barefoot down as it was easier not to slide. Along the way there is rope to help guide you through the slipperier areas.

Fishermans Cove Walk

Once we arrived, we hung out at the beach for a little while before having to shelter in a shallow cave as a storm came through.

Fishermans Cove Cornwall Beach
Polaroid of beach in Cornwall

Fisherman’s Cove is a great spot to escape the crowds in Cornwall, while also marvelling at its incredible beauty. A must do location in Cornwall.

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