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2022 will be the year for Australian tourism and there has never been a better time to see some of the most spectacular Australia destinations than now. A bucket list destination in its own right, once coronavirus restrictions ease, there are going to be a lot of Australian destinations available to visit and a lot of people who rely on tourism as their income who can’t to welcome you.

Sarah Latham Ellinjaa Falls Cairns
Ellinjaa Falls, Cairns

Australia is easily one of the most desirable countries in the world to visit – we have pretty much everything you could want in one country – world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, rugged outback, the world’s oldest culture, rolling green hills, vibrant cities, the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, the purest white sand beaches, snow capped mountains, an incredible coastline… I could go on.

While 2020 and 2021 so far has been a very miserable, anxiety provoking and at best, unusual, year, those living in Australia are now facing the positive prospect of domestic travel returning on a more permanent basis by 2022. And with us Australians winning the destination lottery with the incredible number of spectacular Australian destinations we have here, there has never been a better time to explore.

Read on for just a few of the hundred must do Australian destinations in 2022.

1. Cairns, Queensland

Having lived in Cairns on and off for 7 years between 2007 and now, it is one of my favourite Australian destinations and a must do for 2022. Heavily reliant on tourism, Cairns is one of the hardest hit destinations economically in Australia and absolutely cannot wait to welcome you. With the incredible Great Barrier Reef, the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, rolling hills, a vibrant atmosphere and iconic outback, Cairns literally has it all for your Australian holiday in 2022.

Looking for more information on all the amazing things to do in Cairns read: 101 things to do in Cairns or one of these many Cairns articles.

Sarah Latham Frankland Islands Cairns
Frankland Islands, Cairns

2. Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Located just off Perth in Western Australia, Rottnest Island is one of the most iconic Australian destinations to visit in 2022. One of the Top 10 Must Do Places in Perth, Rottnest Island is a bucket list Australian destination – especially if you nab a selfie with the iconic quokka.

Sarah Latham Rottnest Island Perth
Rottnest Island, Perth

3. Purling Brook Falls, Queensland

Located just outside of the Gold Coast and just over 100km from Brisbane, Purling Brook Falls is a highly accessible must do Australian destination for 2020. Surrounded by world heritage listed rainforest, rugged cliffs and the feeling you’re walking through a prehistoric landscape. add Purling Brook Falls to your list of must do Australian destinations in 2022.

Purling Brook Falls Sarah Latham Gold Coast Australian destinations 2020

4. Kakadu, Northern Territory

In addition to living in North Queensland, I was also very lucky to grow up in the Northern Territory for the first 14 and a half years of my life and therefore visiting Kakadu was one of my favourite childhood memories. Home to thousands of crocodiles, some of the most incredible formations and beautiful sunsets, add Kakadu to your Australian destinations list.

5. Whitehaven Beach and Heart Reef, The Whitsundays

Iconic Australia, Whitehaven Beach and Heart Reef in the Whitsundays are jaw dropping in their beauty. Whether you explore by boat, by sand, by snorkle or take to the sky with GSL Aviation scenic flights, the Whitsundays should be at the top of your must do Australian destinations to visit in 2022. Read: Why you should see The Whitsundays from above: GSL Aviation.

6. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

One of the most famous Australian drives and starts just outside of Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road is something for the bucket list. I recommend hiring a car, rather than joining a tour, so you can stop along at your leisure. You can read about my visit to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road here: Just Another Little Chapter.

Gibson Steps Great Ocean Road Sarah Latham
Gibson’s Steps, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

7. Wallaman Falls, Queensland

One of the most impressive waterfalls in Australia, Wallaman Falls near Ingham (between Cairns and Townsville – and a great stop on a Cairns to Townsville road trip!) is one of my favourite places in Australia. Bring your shoes as the hike to this waterfall starts at the top before winding its way down into the valley below. Well worth the hike and I definitely recommend for those visiting the North Queensland area (it’s even in the top 10 of the best waterfalls in the Cairns region!).

Sarah Latham Wallaman Falls
Wallaman Falls, Queensland

8. Chillagoe, Outback Queensland

Chillagoe, located in Outback Queensland, is one to add to the must do Australian holiday destinations for 2022. Explore caves that are millions and millions of years old and discover the true beauty of Outback Australia. There is nothing like Australia, and that certainly rings true for Chillagoe. You can visit Chillagoe from Cairns with Billy Tea Safaris.

Chillagoe Caves Billy Tea Safaris Cairns
Chillagoe Caves, Outback Queensland

9. Byron Bay

In Northern New South Wales, you’ll find Byron Bay. This famous ‘hippy’ town, known for its iconic lighthouse and for being the most Eastern point on the Australian continent is somewhere you should add to your Australian destinations in 2022 list if it’s not already on there. Instantly relaxing, why not go Hemsworth spotting or just chill out on the beach with a good book.

10. Burleigh Heads

Head back up north and across the border into Queensland and you’ll be greeted with Burleigh Heads. While Burleigh Heads is a great day trip option from Brisbane it is also a holiday destination in its own right and should be one you aim to tick off as you work through the best of the best Australian destinations in 2022.

Burleigh Heads Gold Coast Sarah Latham
Burleigh Heads, Queensland

It’s time to give back to our Australian hospitality and tourism industry that have been hit time and time again during the pandemic. Enjoy the year of domestic tourism and seeing more of this incredible country than ever before. Have a great time and #HolidayHereThisYear.