Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham

Luxembourg city is the definition of a fairytale location. This city set in the tiny European country by the same name is one that will have you feeling like you’ve fallen into the pages of a storybook. With adorable buildings, forests fringing the city and views across the towns and valleys, find the best photo spots in Luxembourg City below.

1. Luxembourg City Walls: Chem. de la Corniche

One of the most iconic places to photograph in Luxembourg is the Luxembourg City Walls. Historically, Luxembourg has been known as one of Europe’s greatest fortified sites and today these walls surround the city and offer ample opportunity to photograph. You can find this spot at the Chem. de la Corniche using this Google Maps location here.

Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham
Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham
Another Luxembourg viewpoint from Chem. de la Corniche.

2. An Instagrammable chair

Whether you’re looking to rest your legs or snap a shot, one of Luxembourg’s more Instagrammable spots and a great place to photograph is this cute bench chair with a view. Found near the Montée Du Grund (and just around the corner from the Chem. de la Corniche), it’s exact Google Maps location is here (it’s even identified as a ‘panoramic point’ by Google – showing it must be a great spot to photograph in Luxembourg!).

Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham

3. Luxembourg City from Rue Munster Bridge

This is my favourite spot to photograph in Luxembourg City. The Rue Munster Bridge sits over the Alzette River as it flows through the city, and shows great views of the towering walls and beautiful houses and buildings above. My top tip is to go in the morning – not because this place gets crowded but there is a traffic light on one end of the bridge, which causes cars to back up over the bridge when busy. I got the below shot by putting my zoom lens on my camera and placing my camera on the other side of the road from where I am sitting for maximum scale effect (hence why it’s better when there are less cars passing by). This spot is one of the best Instagrammable spots in Luxembourg and one of the most beautiful places in Luxembourg city to photograph. You can find its exact location on Google Maps here.

Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham

4. Balcony walls near the Gëlle Fra

Surrounding the Gëlle Fra (Monument of Remembrance) in Luxembourg are beautiful balcony like walls. They sit considerably high above the surrounding grounds with views across the parks, tree tops and out to an old tower beyond. Not only is the view impressive, it makes for a great photo. You can find this exact spot in Luxembourg on Google Maps here.

5. The Modern Luxembourg City Streets

While there is no doubt that the olden Luxembourg city streets are incredibly Instagrammable, the people of Luxembourg have done their bit to make their more modern city centre a beautiful place to photograph as well. There are strings of butterflies, umbrellas and other decorations on display throughout the city to add something that little bit extra to the shopping area.

Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham

6. Pont du château

Built in 1735, the Pont du Château is a two story bridge found on the western side of the city. Filling the space between two large cliffs, this bridge is an impressive monument and one of the best places to photograph in Luxembourg. Take a shot of the bridge without anyone there, or put a person (or wait for a car) to travel through to gain a great photographic perspective of the size of this bridge. You can find its exact location on Google Maps here

Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham

7. The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator and glass platform.

Well, hello Charlie and the chocolate factory! Who knew Willy Wonka’s glass elevator was in Luxembourg? Not only is this elevator a blessing to your legs as it takes you 71m upward (no stairs!) but the views are pretty incredible as it rises above the jigsaw of Luxembourg buildings below. Once at the top, venture out onto the glass platform (if you dare) to take in the view from above – although, note you may need to be patient as this platform can be a little busy and the only truly transparent floor is on the edge of the platform. The best part though – it’s completely free! You can learn more about the Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator (including opening hours) here and find its exact location on Google Maps here.

8. Grand Ducal Palace

Pop by the home of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg with a visit to the Grand Ducal Palace. Luxembourg is the only place in the world which has a ‘sovereign grand duchy’ (you can learn more about this here) and their palace can be found in the south-west centre of Luxembourg city. A beautiful building to photograph, if you time your visit at the right time of the year (between July and September) you can also witness the Luxembourg changing of the guards! Find the Grand Ducal Palace on Google Maps here.

Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham

9. Tour Malakoff

Venture slightly out of Luxembourg City (and by slightly, I literally mean, still in walking distance of the city centre) to find Tour Malakoff. A part of the town’s old fortifications, it makes for a stunning photo – particularly so in autumn when the surrounding landscape is basked in a golden hue. You can find Tour Malakoff on Google Maps here.

Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham

10. River Alzette

Opt for an early morning walk along the River Alzette as it flows through the eastern side of Luxembourg city and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful river-fringing houses and a beautiful place to photograph in Luxembourg. The spot below was captured from Rue Munster Bridge (the same bridge as mentioned above) but almost the entire surrounding area here is very photogenic.

Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham

11. Luxembourg Railway Station

An unexpected turn up for the books, Luxembourg Railway Station is actually very beautiful and a very Instagrammable place to photograph. Lesser known than other photographic spots in Luxembourg, the internal part of the Railway Station has been beautifully painted. I would suggest arriving outside of peak hour to attempt to capture this station without the hoards of people. You can find the railway station here.

Luxembourg City Photo Spots Sarah Latham

Where to stay in Luxumbourg?

For budget Luxembourg travellers, please note there is only one hostel in Luxembourg that often sells out so be sure to book it early (you can do that here!) to avoid disappointment. If you’re looking for something a little bit more luxe, there are a range of hotels available in Luxembourg which you can find by browsing here.

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