Girl sitting on chair and table out the front of Paris restaurant

Late July 2017, saw a stopover in Paris from Manchester en route to Dijon, Auxonne and Pontailler-sur-saone in Eastern France. After a month in England spending time with my family it was time for the European Summer.

Plane flying over clouds

This was my third trip to Paris having been once before with my family in 2006, and once by myself the year beforehand. I never had any expectations of Paris when I first arrived at 13 years old and I think that’s why I like the city so much. Coming back was nice, but I did end up a little overwhelmed by the busy yet narrow streets. However, for a fleeting visit it was one full of good memories.

Paris streets

My mum and I had one night eating dinner and drinking before my dad arrived from Australia (well technically, from a platform in the Temor Sea where he had just finished his last ever shift before retirement) the next day. While my dad slept mum and I went sight seeing, or re-sight seeing whatever you want to call it. With Paris I find it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it before, you can always see it again

Paris Eiffel Tower Paris Eiffel Tower Paris Eiffel Tower merry-go-round Paris the Lourve

Look it was glarey okay, and mum said that we got the shot! I mean, she was kind of close…

Paris Champs-Élysées

A few tips for Paris:

  • Be wary of those trying to collect money / sign a petition near the Eiffel Tower – they are scammers. They’ll approach you normally by asking if you speak English the easiest way to deal with them is just to say No and walk away
  • Stay in the centre. Most of the main sights in Paris are walking distance, while it can be easy to stay further out and catch a tube in, it’s a lot easier to stay in walking distance because you’ll spend a lot of your days walking between sights and back to your place. You’ll definitely get a better feel for Paris than you will on the tube!
  • Don’t leave without going to Versailles. Clearly that didn’t happen this time, but last year I went and it was absolutely stunning, my mouth was hanging open most of the time. The palace is situated on the slight outskirts of Paris but very easy to get to via train and very easy to spend a day or part of a day in. If possible go in Summer when the gardens are in full bloom, but if not, I went in Spring where the gardens were not quite at their peak and it was still spectacular.
  • If you’ve got an EU passport use it to it’s full extent – I’m talking free entry to the Louvre, Versailles and to the top of the Arc de Triomphe! It saved me a bucket loads last year due to my British passport (who knows if it will in the future #thanksbrexit) but if you’re lucky enough to hold one of those bad boys use it to its full extent!

Gare Du Nord Paris

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