Stockholm Sweden Sarah Latham

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is a must do for everyone experiencing Scandinavia. A lot of people visit this city at the start (or end) of their Swedish travels, visit for a city break in itself, or have a stopover in Stockholm on their way to another destination. Read on to discover the best things to do in Stockholm – whether thats a Stockholm stopover, Stockholm city break or a part of a wider Swedish trip. I visited Stockholm during Christmas time so my photos are full of snow and Christmas cheer; however, Stockholm is also a brilliant summer destination as well.

First things first getting into Stockholm from Arlanda Airport: Arlanda Airport from Stockholm: Why the SL commuter train is great.

Stockholm Sweden Sarah Latham

1. Gamla Stan (The Old Town)

The Gamla Stan is the original city centre of Stockholm and still carries its old charm. You can spend a few hours wandering around the cobbled streets here, admiring the cute houses and (many) tourist shops. When I visited I stayed right in the thick of it in the Gamla Stan Old Town (pictured below), which was a fantastic location for exploring the local sights.

2. The ABBA Museum

Ah, how you can visit Sweden and not get at least one ABBA song stuck in your head? My entire time in the Swedish capital I had ABBA and Avicii (more later) playing on repeat. The ABBA Museum is a must do for anyone visiting Stockholm and you can find it outside of the Gamla Stan Old Town – it is about a 30 minute walk (with ferry or without ferry options available). Here you can follow ABBA through their early stages as individual artists before finding each other and forming one of the most influential music groups of all time. Wander through their costumes, admire old tickets, learn about their home and much more. This is a really brilliant way to spend a morning or afternoon – especially if you’re an ABBA fan!

3. Monteliusvägen Viewpoint

Looking for the best viewpoint in Stockholm? Then you’ll want to head to Monteliusvägen viewpoint. Found just outside of Gamla Stan, the Monteliusvägen viewpoint is a fantastic spot for sunrise or sunset (or any time of the day really) with gorgeous views over Riddarholmen area (pictured below). You can find this gorgeous Stockholm viewpoint a 20 minute walk outside of Gamla Stan.

Stockholm Sweden Sarah Latham

4. The Christmas markets, of course!

I visited Stockholm in late November and Christmas was in full swing in this European city. Personally, it was the Christmas markets that brought me to the city as I had never experienced European Christmas Markets before. They were quite small but made up for it in fairy-tale like setting. This one was set in Stortorget, which is the main square of Stockholm (and the oldest square in the city). Stortorget is the square you normally see when Googling pictures of the city. I would love to get a non-Christmassy photo here one day so it looks like I’ll have to return in summer. You can find out more about the Stockholm Christmas markets here.

Stockholm Sweden Gamla Stan Julmarknad Christmas Markets Sarah Latham

5. Waffles!

Everywhere you look when you explore Gamla Stan in Stockholm you’ll see waffle cafes and shops. Although it was instantly on my Stockholm must do list, turns out there is only so many times you can walk past a waffle shop before giving in. This is the perfect way to treat yourself for putting in the cardio exploring the city.

Stockholm Sweden Sarah Latham

6. Mårten Trotzigs Gränd: Stockholm’s Most Narrow Street

One for those looking for more unusual landmarks when travelling, say hello to Stockholm’s narrowest street the Mårten Trotzigs Gränd. This street is merely an alley (and mostly a staircase) that connects two larger streets and at one point is no wider than 35 inches (88cm). You can walk through it, snap some photos and tick off one of the more unusual things to see in Stockholm. Find Mårten Trotzigs Gränd here.

7. Köpmangatan: Stockholm’s Oldest Street

And while we’re here looking at interesting streets in Stockholm, you’ll want to visit Köpmangatan, the oldest known street in Stockholm. This street name appears in documents dating back to 1323, making it the oldest known street name in Stockholm and used to sell food and craft in small stalls that line the street. You can find it in the centre of Gamla Stan.

8. Avicii Museum and Memorial

While ABBA is the music act most people associate first with Sweden, Avicii is also another famous musician who has come from this country. As a result you can visit the Avicii Expeirence Museum in Stockholm and Stockholm have also constructed a memorial in his honour. Sadly, I had very limited time in Stockholm (just under 30 hours!) and wasn’t able to make the Avicii Experience which is my only regret from my time visiting Stockholm as I am an avid Avicii fan and was lucky enough to see him perform live in 2015. You can find out more about the Avicii Experience Museum here and the Avicii Memorial can be found here.

9. Swedish Meatballs

You just can’t come to Stockholm without trying the Swedish meatballs! While traditionally, I’d never choose meatballs as my meal of choice, I couldn’t miss out on experiencing them in Sweden. I found this restaurant by wandering along the side streets in Gamla Stan. Can confirm, they tasted better than they looked!

Swedish Meatballs Stockholm Sweden

10. And if you’re visiting in winter – enjoy the snow!

When it snows it really snows here in Scandinavia. Due to a heavy downfall a few days before I arrived, the streets were literally piled up with snow in November. This was a lot of fun for me as an Australian who never grew up around snow and added to the magic of experiencing Stockholm in winter.

Stockholm Sweden Sarah Latham
Stockholm Sweden Sarah Latham

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