Skypoint Observation Deck Q1 Surfers Paradise

If you’re looking for a place to take your next lunch date to new heights, the Skypoint Observation Deck at the Q1 Resort and Spa in the Gold Coast has you covered. Situated in the hub of atmosphere and activity that is Surfers Paradise, the Skypoint Observation Deck boasts extraordinary 360 degree views of the beach city. In addition to the coastal cityscape outlook, the Skypoint Bistro & Bar serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink options, meaning you can eat out on top of the world.

Skypoint Observation Deck Q1 Surfers Paradise 10

We visited in September, 2020 on a beautifully clear Saturday morning. We hadn’t pre-booked tickets and when we first arrived we went into the Q1 Resort reception, thinking this was the place to purchase – it wasn’t. Skypoint Observation Deck is run by an independent company from the Q1 resort, so we headed back around and found the (very obvious) entrance to SkyPoint. The reason we hadn’t noticed it first was due to the direction we arrived at the resort. It is very obvious if you enter from the main area.

Skypoint Observation Deck Tickets

Our tickets were $40, including a $20 food and beverage voucher. You didn’t have to purchase the voucher when buying tickets; however, online entry to the observation deck were $27.00, so I believe we may have got a discount for purchasing together.

Our tickets allowed us one day entry to the Skypoint Observation Deck where we could return throughout the day. If we had had the time, it would’ve been great to return at sunset on this same ticket to see the sun set over Surfers Paradise.

It was a very quick elevator ride up to Level 77, and we walked out 230m above ground level.

Skypoint Observation Deck Q1 Surfers Paradise 10

We arrived late morning, just as breakfast was finishing for the day. We had about 30 minutes before we could sit down for lunch, but this was great as it allowed us plenty of time to walk around the Observation Deck and admire the incredible views across Surfers Paradise.

Skypoint Observation Deck Q1 Surfers Paradise

We were so high up that at first we actually felt uneasy being right close to the windows – although we soon adjusted. The people on the beach below looked like tiny ants.

Skypoint Observation Deck Q1 Surfers Paradise

For those who are willing, you can actually take your Skypoint Observation Deck experience further with a Skypoint Climb. Australia’s highest outdoor building climb, you are taken outside of the building and up an additional 30m to experience the magic of Surfers Paradise from what feels like the very top of the world. See SkyPoint’s official website for more information on this experience.

Skypoint Observation Deck Q1 Surfers Paradise 10

Once we had a fair go at walking around the Skypoint Observation Deck (the internal side haha, we will have to come back to complete the external climb one day!), we headed across to the Bar & Bistro area.

Lunch at Skypoint Bar & Bistro

From the Bar and Bistro area we could look at the menu and place our order. I was quite surprised that the menu fell more into a pub meal type category than what I was expecting. I imagine this has something to do with the Gold Coast being a very popular family market.

Skypoint Observation Deck Bar and Bistro Q1 Surfers Paradise

I purchased a drink and a meal and after using my $20 credit, I had $6.50 outstanding.

Skypoint Bar and Bistro Q1 Sarah Latham

After we had eaten, there wasn’t too much left to do so we ventured back down to the street and enjoyed a day exploring Surfers Paradise beach and the famous Cavill Avenue.

I enjoyed our morning at the Observation Deck. It made us feel like we were on holidays, playing tourist in our own backyard.

Skypoint Observation Deck Q1 Surfers Paradise 10

If you are interested in visiting, you can find the different types of tickets available here. If you think you’ll be making regular trips (a good one if you’re a local to the area), it could be worth purchasing the Annual Rewards Pass. At only $45 (double the standard ticket), you have unlimited entry all year around (and 20% off the Skypoint Climb), making it great value for money.

Skypoint Observation Deck Q1 Surfers Paradise

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