What is within 150km from Cairns? As Queensland Coronavirus restrictions are thankfully easing and from the 15th of May 2020, we are able to explore up to 150km from our home, if you live in Cairns you might be asking what is within a 150km radius from Cairns?

While we have been able to enjoy a 50km radius from Cairns for the last few weeks (read: 18 Things to do within 50km radius of Cairns) we now get to broaden our sights and look for experiences that are within 150km of Cairns.

Read on for activities within 150km of Cairns and get ready to start exploring a little further afield again as Queensland COVID19 restrictions ease. Just remember to keep social distancing so we can keep enjoying these easing restrictions!

1. Zillie Falls

Just over 100km outside of Cairns, Zillie Falls is an impressive Atherton Tablelands waterfall that is within the 150km from Cairns restriction rule. One of Cairns’ best waterfalls, you can view the impressive falls from above (like in this picture) or you can scramble down to see them from below.

Sarah Latham Zillie Falls Cairns

2. Port Douglas

We can rejoice, Port Douglas is finally within Cairns’ grasp. At almost 70km away from Cairns, Port Douglas was just out of Cairns’ restrictions in the first round of restrictions easing; although we are all happy to report that Port Douglas fits within 150km from Cairns. Four Mile Beach, pictured below, is one the best Cairns beaches and is just one of the reasons why Cairns locals love Port Douglas so much.

3. Tully Gorge

One of Cairns’ hidden gems, Tully Gorge is 140km away from Cairns, and therefore just falls within the 150km from Cairns rule. Read How to Get to Tully Gorge before setting off to take in this amazing view for yourself.

And for those looking for 150km from Innisfail, Tully Gorge is only just over 100km from you and therefore a great one to add to your list as well.

Tully Gorge Lookout in Atherton Tablelands

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4. Mission Beach

Mission Beach, the home of coconut trees on the sand, is about 140km away from Cairns so also just fits inside Cairns 150km radius limit. While at the moment we cannot stay the night for info on all things Mission Beach read: Where to Eat, Sleep and Play in Mission Beach. Enjoy our newfound freedom wandering along the tropical beach front.

5. Nandroya Falls

Within 150km from Cairns, you will find Nandroya Falls. A popular Cairns waterfall, one of the most Instagrammable places in Cairns and a great small hike to take with your nearest and dearest (while appropriately spaced apart), Nandroya Falls is a great place to enjoy your COVID19 restrictions easing freedom.

Nandroya Falls Cairns Sarah Latham

6. Windin Falls

Quickly becoming a famous Cairns location, Windin Falls is only 86km outside of Cairns and within the 150km from Cairns radius rule. Read How to get to Windin Falls before setting off early to enjoy the morning sun from the top of the waterfall overlooking the valley below.

Windin Falls Sarah Latham Cairns Australia

7. Millaa Millaa Falls

Millaa Millaa Falls, on the Atherton Tablelands, is normally a flock with tourists visiting Cairns. With borders closed, now is the perfect opportunity for Cairns locals to take advantage of some of our most popular waterfalls. 101km away from Cairns, Millaa Millaa Falls falls (hehe) within the 150km Cairns restrictions limit.

For those looking for 150km from Mareeba and 150km from Atherton, Millaa Millaa Falls is only 81km and 45km away respectively.

Sarah Latham Millaa Millaa Falls Cairns

8. Hartley Creek Falls

Located between Cairns and Port Douglas, Hartley’s Creek Falls is a popular local swimming hole. A relatively short hike brings you to a deep cool pool with a cascading waterfall down the rugged rock face. Only 42km from Cairns, Hartley’s Creek Waterfall is within 150km from Cairns and only 26km from Port Douglas, Hartley’s Creek Waterfall also falls within 150km from Port Douglas as well.

Sarah Latham Hartley Creek Falls Wangetti Cairns

9. Green Island

Your radius from Cairns is not just restricted to land and if you have a boat it’s a great time to take full advantage of the emptier waters. Green Island, another one of Cairns’ most Instagrammable locations, is less than 30km off from Cairns and therefore is well within 150km from Cairns if you are lucky enough to own a boat. The crystal clear waters and World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef is waiting.

Sarah Latham GSL Aviation Cairns Great Barrier Reef Green Island

10. Mossman Gorge

The emerald green pools of Mossman Gorge are only 80km away from Cairns (and 23km from Port Douglas) and therefore fall well within the 150km restrictions for Cairns (and Port Douglas). Not to mention they’re one of the best things to do in the Daintree.

Mossman Gorge Cairns Port Douglas 150km from Cairns Sarah Latham

11. Babinda Boulders

Heading south from Cairns (but staying within 150km from Cairns), you’ll find the ever popular spot Babinda Boulders. Instagrammable and beautiful, Babinda Boulders is a great place to spend the afternoon or day swimming in the crystal clear (and very cold) waters.

Sarah Latham Babinda Boulders Cairns

12. Nucifora Tea Plantation

Tea lovers rejoice, Nucifora Tea Plantation is within 150km from Cairns (110km away) and 150km from Innisfail (31km away). Situated on the side of Palmerston Highway, this spot is a perfect stop for a quick snap on your way to explore the Atherton Tablelands waterfalls.

Nucifora Tea Plantation Cairns Sarah Latham

13. Emerald Creek Falls

15km outside of Mareeba, and about 73km from Cairns, you’ll find Emerald Creek Falls, one of the best waterfalls in the Cairns area and a great stop on a Cairns to Mareeba road trip. Puppy owners will be happy to know your furry friends are allowed to join you on your 150km Cairns radius adventures provided they are on a leash.

Emerald Creek Falls

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14. Lake Eacham

Within 150km radius from Cairns, Lake Eacham is a popular local swimming hole, 65m deep and equipped with a friendly freshwater crocodile and the history of being an old Volcano crater.

Lake Eacham Cairns Atherton Tablelands

15. Pepina Falls

Ah, a hidden gem on the ever popular waterfall circuit in the Atherton Tablelands. Tip toe through the rainforest and you’ll find yourself in this tiny oasis, where you can look out over the waterfall as it cascades down the rocks. Pepina Falls is 107km from Cairns and well within the 150km from Cairns rule.

Pepina Falls Cairns Atherton Tablelands Sarah Latham

16. Paronella Park and Mena Creek Falls

Just down the road from Cairns (about 105km to be exact), Paronella Park is the ruins of a beautiful Catalan castle. While you can spend the day here in its own right, at this time you will have to check with the Paronella Park website to see when they will be reopening to the public. If you are down this way enjoying your 150km of freedom, you can still check out Mena Creek Fall just next door to Paronella.

17. Josephine Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in our region, Josephine Falls, is only 75km out of Cairns. Relax on the giant boulders protruding from the water or swim in the fresh emerald creek water. Be sure to check Josephine Fall Park Alerts to find out if Josephine Falls is back open to the public again before visiting.

Josephine Falls Cairns Sarah Latham

18. Lake Tineroo

87km away from Cairns, Lake Tineroo is one of the most popular day activities for Tropical North Queensland locals. With ample space to spread out along the lake and an engaging drive to the lake, Lake Tineroo will be a popular location as our Queensland COVID19 restrictions begin to ease.

19. Vlasoff Cay

One of the most beautiful places on Earth, Vlasoff Cay is located just off the Cairns coastline and well within 150km from Cairns. You’ll have to pinch yourself at the perfect white sand and glistening light blue water as you look out over the Great Barrier Reef from nothing more than a simple sand cay in the middle of the ocean.

Vlasoff Cay Sarah Latham Cairns Great Barrier Reef

20. Wallicher Falls

And finally, on our list of things to do 150km from Cairns, we have Wallicher Falls. A lesser known waterfall on the Palmerston Highway between Innisfail and Millaa Millaa, just before Nandroya Falls. 114km out of Cairns and 36km from Innisfail, this waterfall is worth a look in. Read: How to get to Tchupala and Wallicher Falls before you set out!

Wallicher Falls Atherton Tablelands Cairns Sarah Latham

Happy exploring within 150km from Cairns. For a more detailed list of everything you can do in Cairns I suggest you read: 101 Things To Do in Cairns.

And for more ideas about what you can do in the beautiful Cairns area read the below:

Happy exploring!

White Rock Peak Cairns Sarah Latham