Girl standing in front of rainforest lookout with sunhat that says Do Not Disturb

In October 2018 I was invited to experience Jungle Tour’s GO WILD Day Tour to Cape Tribulation as a part of a large content creation adventure.

This was a really fun day out. I hadn’t been up to Cape Tribulation since I was 13 years old on a family holiday to Cairns so was excited to go back at an age where I definitely appreciate our natural environment so much more.

Jungle Tours picked me up at our assigned pick up spot and we began the day early snaking along the famous Great Barrier Reef Drive between Cairns and Port Douglas before arriving early at Wildlife Habitat.

Girl standing on boardwalk at Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

At Wildlife Habitat there is an array of Australian animals. Unlike zoos, these animals are free to roam throughout the grounds meaning you can interact with emus, kangaroos and crocodiles (just kidding on the last one…! you can walk across a Predator Plank across crocodile infested waters though if you dare..)

Girl feeding kangaroo surrounded by 3 other kangaroos at Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas
Girl kneeling to be level with a kangaroo at Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas
Kangaroos feeding at Wildlife Habitat
Girl kissing crocodile
Happened to come across a ranger as he moved this little guy from one home to another. Although i would not get any closer.
Colourful birds next to an owl

We left Wildlife Habitat and continued to head up North. Cape Tribulation and the Daintree are on the other side of the Daintree River. This river does not have a bridge so to get across it must be by boat. There is a ferry crossing; however, we enjoyed the Daintree River Cruise to get from one side to the other where we tried our luck at spotting a monster crocodile in these croc infested waters.

Blonde girl in pretty dress wearing a sunhat that says Do Not Disturb
My gorgeous friend The Daily Luxe
Two girls standing at the front of a boat at Daintree River Cruise
Red Belly Blake Snake
Red Belly Black Snake spotted sunning himself on the banks of the river. One thing that scares me just as much as crocodiles is snakes – eep.
My very talented friend Liam who filmed the entire day and turned it into a short video. Check it out on Jungle Tours Facebook page. You can check out more of his work on the TripVideos Facebook page.

Upon reaching the other side, we made our way up to Alexandra Lookout – very stunning views out across the Wet Tropics Rainforest.

Two girls in sun hats holding hands overlooking rainforest lookout
Girl's hand holding a pinapple in the rainforest
Girl standing with a sunhat that says "Do not Disturb"
Commercial Drone
Behind the Scenes – the largest drone I have ever seen. My tiny Mavic Air is about half one of the propeller covered up in this photo…
Two pineapples and sunglasses sitting on the edge of Alexandra Lookout

From Alexandra Lookout we were taken up through the rainforest to have lunch at a local pub. One of my favourite parts was driving through the Daintree Rainforest. The rainforest is directly on either side of the road so it’s quite dense and dark and really beautiful.

After lunch we headed across to Cape Tribulation. When visiting you can walk directly there (about a minute or two) or you can take the longer boardwalk around which allows you to really experience the rainforest.

Girl walking through rainforest boardwalk
Rainforest boardwalk
Girl walking through rainforest
My gorgeous friend Kristal
rainforest boardwalk

There was a guided tour for this section; however, I ended up moving off on my own to get to Cape Tribulation quicker just to try and get longer to take photos. I really recommend guided tours of the rainforest though. There is so much going on in rainforests and it really is an incredible slow motion battle. Without knowing what it is you are looking at it really can be quite pretty but uninteresting, when guides point out to you different things about the rainforest it takes on a whole extra level.

When we arrived at Cape Tribulation there were dark clouds setting in. I got my drone up in the air quickly so I could view the rainforest meeting the reef from above.

Cape Tribulation
Girl sitting on the sand in front of the ocean taken from above
Rainforest, sand and ocean taken from above

I was most excited about Cape Tribulation and it lived up to the hype.

After we spent some time here taking photos and videos we head back (the short way) to the bus to return to Cairns.

But first… ice cream

The Daintree Ice Cream Co. is delicious and exotic and the perfect way to end the day up North.

Thank you to Jungle Tours for this awesome adventure into our backyard 🙂

Jungle Tours Go Wild Tour Bus Group
Photo by Liam Berghan

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