Sarah Latham Rottnest Island Perth

A beach fringed city with the perfect mixture between laid back and up-to-date, Perth is full of many popular spots on the tourist track and some lesser known gems.

First things first… Perth, a city of 2.1 million people, is the capital of Western Australia and is situated in the South West of Australia. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. While relatively isolated from the rest of the world, it boasts some of the most fantastic beaches you will ever find.

Read on to find out the top 10 must see places in Perth.

1. King’s Park and Botanic Garden

Sarah Latham Kings Park Perth

Overlooking the Perth CBD, King’s Park and Botanic Gardens is a mixture of bushland, park lands and botanic gardens. With sweeping views of Perth, it is a great place to spend the morning, afternoon or full day.

2. Brighton Beach by Day and by Sunset

Brighton Beach in Scarborough is just one of the many stunning Perth beaches. About 20 minutes out of Perth City, you can enjoy a morning swim or watch the sunset over the ocean. If you’re here on a Sunday afternoon you can also take part in Salsa Dancing at the Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre.

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Scarborough Salsa Dancing Perth Sarah Latham
Sunday Salsa Dancing in Scarborough

3. Fremantle

Sarah Latham Fremantle Perth

20km out of Perth City, Fremantle is a trendy port town right on the water. Walk through the quaint streets, check out the beach, visit the Fremantle Prison, wander around the Fremantle Markets or enjoy a delicious bite to eat at Chalky’s Espresso Bar.

Perth Fremantle Prison Sarah Latham
Fremantle Prison
Sarah Latham Fremantle Markets Perth
Fremantle Markets

4. Cottesloe Beach

Sarah Latham Cottesloe Beach Perth

Perth’s iconic beach is Cottesloe Beach. A popular location for swimming and surfing, Perth locals flock here everyday of the year. 14km out of Perth city, Cottesloe Beach is half way between Perth and Fremantle, so if you are short on time you can stop along your way, but be warned it is so picture perfect you won’t want to leave.

5. Rottnest Island

Sarah Latham Rottnest Island Perth
Sarah Latham Rottnest Island Perth 2
Sarah Latham Rottnest Quokka Selfie Perth
Quokka selfies are a must at Rottnest Island

One of my favourite places in Australia, Rottnest Island (Rotto) is about 19km off Perth. While there is an annual Perth to Rottnest Island swim each year, I’d recommend taking a boat. There are multiple ports in Perth you can access Rotto from; however, each time I have left from Hillarys Boat Harbour.

You can choose to spend the morning, the whole day or a few days at Rottnest. As a child my extended family spent a week on the island and it is one of my favourite childhood memories.

Tips: You can’t fly drones at Rottnest Island; Every direction you look is absolutely stunning so bring your camera; Quokkas are friendly and love a selfie but remember not to touch.

You can book your stay at Rottnest Island here.

6. Perth City

Sarah Latham Elizabeth Quay Perth City
Spanda at Elizabeth Quay

Spend a morning wandering around Perth City where you can admire sculptures like the Spanda along the Elizabeth Quay waterfront.

Make sure you also check out The Bell Tower (also called Swan Bell Tower). Known as one of the world’s largest musical instruments, this tower was especially made and contains 18 bells.

Don’t forget to explore hidden gems like London Court, which will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

London Court

7. University of Western Australia Gardens

The University of Western Australia is situated in Perth City, along the Swan River. Leafy gardens, quaint courtyards and rolling lawn complement the stunning architecture. A popular spot for weddings, this picturesque campus is worth a walk through.

8. Dine at Bib & Tucker Restaurant in Fremantle

Located in Fremantle, Bib n Tucker is a modern Australian restaurant with drop dead gorgeous ocean views.

9. Crawley Edge Boatshed

Sarah Latham Crawley Edge Boat Shed Perth City

One of the most Insta-famous locations in Australia, Crawley Edge Boatshed is one of the most popular locations in Perth. While it was originally built in the 1930s, this quaint Perth boatshed became famous thanks to the rise of Instagram. Crawley Edge Boatshed is located on the Swan River, right beside King’s Park and Botanic Garden and it’s exact location can be found here.

10. Sunset Over Sorrento Beach

Sarah Latham Sorrento Beach Perth

And finally, you can’t go past a sunset at Sorrento. Perth is known for having some of the most phenomenal sunsets in the world so be sure to catch one when you visit.

Where to Stay in Perth?

I have extended family in Perth. On our last trip we stayed at my uncle’s West Beach Lagoon apartment in Scarborough. This apartment is available for holiday lets, and starting everyday with a walk on the beach and the ending it with the sun setting over the ocean was just perfect.

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