Girl standing in front of ruins in Athens Greece

After three or so weeks on the Greek islands, I ventured solo back to Athens before catching a flight back to Berlin.

I arrived in Athens at about 6pm, before working out the public transport to my hostel. Athens was not the place I felt safest on my trip, especially travelling solo female. The economic problems faced by Greece were apparent in the small area of Athens that I saw. It was something to experience but I’m not dying to return. I stayed at Pella-Inn a hostel in walking distance to the Acropolis – with an amazing view of it, especially after dark. The hostel was clean, well equipped, air conditioned (it was 30+ degrees outside so was a nice surprise!), safe and comfortable.

I didn’t leave my hostel after dark when arriving because, like I said earlier, I didn’t feel that safe on the streets. I woke up early the following morning and ventured to The Acropolis. The view was impressive and showed the gigantic size of Athens. Before walking back down (and just casually seeing a tortoise on the side of the street?), checking out, and heading to the airport. It was short but overall sweet, and got to tick Ancient Greece off the list.

Also fyi if you’re a student in any country bring your card with you – there’s 50% off entry to Acropolis and trains in Athens – hell to the yes.

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