Brighton Beach sunset Sarah Latham

There are a fair few famous Brighton Beaches around the world. Which one is the first to come to your mind when the words ‘Brighton Beach’ are announced? From the famous British beach, to the famous Australian beach houses and even a spectacular (aka. normal for WA standards) Perth beach.

1. Brighton Beach, England

Located in South England, approximately 90 minute drive from London, Brighton is a famous yet humble seaside town. Known for the Brighton Pier and Brighton Beach, this is a popular getaway spot for city dwellers within reach and domestic and national tourists.

Brighton Beach England Sunset Sarah Latham
Brighton Beach sunset Sarah Latham
Brighton Pier England Sarah Latham
Brighton Pier England Sarah Latham

2. Brighton Beach, Melbourne

The Australian Brighton Beach was named after the English Brighton Beach and like the British Brighton, the Australian Brighton also has bathing boxes.

A very popular tourist attraction and something you can’t miss in Melbourne, Brighton is an affluent suburb just outside of the Melbourne CBD. People flock to this beach to get photos outside the beautifully and individually painted bathing boxes, which sell for a whopping AUD$300,000!

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes Melbourne Sarah Latham
Brighton Beach Brighton Bathing Boxes Melbourne Sarah Latham

3. Brighton Beach, Perth

Lesser known of the previous Brighton Beaches, this Perth beach is located in Scarborough. This quiet local beach still boasts great surfing waves and the great beach vibes that Perth and Western Australia is so well known for. I list this beach as one of the Top 10 Must Do Places in Perth.

Sarah Latham Brighton Beach Scarborough Perth
Brighton Beach Scarborough Perth Sarah Latham

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