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If you’re looking for a fun, enjoyable and beautiful place to travel to, you’ll want to make your way to Ios in Greece. While its known for its partying, there are plenty of things to do and places to see outside of drinking and partying in Ios that will ensure you never want to leave (or you’ll want to keep coming back time and time again). From wandering the town, soaking up the sun on the beach, and admiring the buildings there is so much to see that makes Ios a photographer’s paradise and the perfect place to snap Instagrammable shots in Ios. To discover the best photo spots in Ios Greece, keep reading.

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1. The church above Chora in Ios: Chapel of Agios Nikolaos

Starting off this list of the best photo spots in Ios Greece with one of the most Instagrammable photo spots on the island: The church above Chora. This church is the go-to photo spot in Ios and is very popular at sunset. This Ios photo spot is easy to find, head to Chora town and then keep walking up. Google Maps doesn’t work very well within the town, so instead of putting the church into Google Maps and following it, just keep walking up hill and keep your eye out for signs (often painted onto the walls) to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

Ios Greece Sunset Chapel of Agios Nikolaos Sarah Latham

2. More churches above Chora: Church of Panagia Gremniotissa

In addition to the above listed church situated above Chora, there are a number of churches above Chora town (all situated near each other) that make brilliant photo spots. One of them is the Church of Panagia Gremniotissa, which you can sit above and overlook it and Chora town. You can find this Ios photo spot following the same directions as above!

Ios Photo Spots Sarah Latham Copyright

3. The Mylopotas Beach viewpoint

The Mylopotas Beach viewpoint is one of the lesser known photo spots in Ios but it is very Instagrammable. Overlooking Mylopotas Beach from the Far Out Beach Club end of the beach, here you can capture the blue ocean, white beach and rugged mountainside. Getting to this Ios photo spot requires a little bit of hiking/climbing skill. Head to Far Out Beach Club and then continue walking along the road, pass the car park where the public buses wait (Google Maps location here). From here the road will continue unpaved up the hill. Walk along this until you find a spot on your right to start hiking across the rugged landscape. Due to the landscape, I’d recommend covered shoes as well as a hat and sun protection (the sun is quite harsh up here!) but the views certainly make this one of the brilliant Ios photo spots.

Ios Photo Spots Sarah Latham Copyright Mylopotas Beach

4. Harmony swim spot

Not just one of the fantastic Ios photo spots, the Harmony swim spot is a great place to spend a few hours swimming, exploring and relaxing. The Harmony swim spot is also accessible without a quad bike, which makes it easier to get to than other swim spots around Ios island. You can find the Harmony swim spot near Harmony on Mylopotas Beach (on the opposite end of the Far Out Beach Club end of the beach) – just don’t forget your camera!

You can find out exactly how to get to this spot here: Where to find the best swim spot in Ios (without a quad!).

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5. Find Ios photo spots as you walk around Chora town

Chora town is the main town in Ios and makes for some brilliant photo opportunities. To snap the best photos in Chora, I recommend getting up early (or you know, early for Ios – so anytime before 10am!) and wandering the beautiful white streets. Without anyone else around, you’ll find a number of beautiful Ios photo spots as you explore.

Ios Photo Spots Sarah Latham Copyright Chora Town

6. The church next to Chora: Άγιοι Ανάργυροι

Another one of the beautiful Ios photo spots, the church next to the town of Chora, Άγιοι Ανάργυροι, is a must do for all those looking for the best Ios photo spots. You can find this spot by heading to this location on Google Maps (location here) or head to the Catina Del Mar restaurant on the main road pass Chora. From here you want to walk up the road until you reach the Ios Police Station, turn left and continue up this road until you arrive at the church. In addition to being one of the best Ios photo spots, this place is another brilliant spot to watch the sunset as well.

Ios Greece Sunset Sarah Latham

7. Ios photo spots without the hills: Viewpoint to Chora

Looking for one of the Ios photo spots that doesn’t involve uphill walking? You’ll find it at the Viewpoint to Chora photo spot. This is an easy spot to find (and walking distance from Chora) as it is even called ‘Viewpoint to Chora’ on Google Maps (Google Maps location here).

Ios Greece Sunset Sarah Latham

8. The church in Chora town: Αγία Αικατερίνη

Greece is known for churches and Ios and Chora are no exception. As you walk around you’ll find a number of Ios photo spots among the beautiful white and blue churches and one of my favourite Ios photo spots of churches is the church you first see as you arrive into the main area of Chora town. You’ll be rewarded with golden light if you get up early to snap a photo here. Find this exact spot on Google Maps here.

Ios Photo Spots Sarah Latham Copyright Chora Town

9. One of the best Ios photo spots: The viewpoint near the Gaitis Simossi Museum

Not to call favourites, but in a list of Ios photo spots, if there is one I recommend making sure you go to it is the viewpoint near the Gaitis Simossi Museum. One of the best spots for sunset on Ios Island, you can find this spot by heading to the Google Maps location linked here and then heading towards the castle turret like object you’ll be able to see. Please note that this is one of the windy Ios photo spots so come prepared with a steady tripod (or use some rocks to try and weigh it down like I did).

Ios Greece Sunset Sarah Latham

10. Ios photo spots: The Chora Windmills

While the Chora windmills may no longer be in use, they do make a fantastic photo opportunity. Many of the windmills have completely broken, but if you head closer to Chora town you’ll find one that is still in tact and makes for a brilliant shot. You can find this location in the vicinity of this Google Maps location here. This spot is also very close to the Viewpoint to Chora photo spot mentioned above so you can easily combine them in one outing.

Ios Photo Spots Sarah Latham Copyright Windmills

11. Beautiful Ios photo spots: The flowers around Chora

There is an abundance of flowers as you wander Chora and they all make for some incredible photo opportunities. My favourite is found just across from the Chora windmills where the vivid pink really pops against the white and blue of the building it stands in front of.

Ios Photo Spots Sarah Latham Copyright Ios Flowers

12. Francesco’s

Francesco’s is a popular hostel and hotel found within Chora town and is a great photo spot in Ios. Due to its location it overlooks Chora town and the Chora port, with beautiful sunset views each evening from its bar area. We stayed here when we visited Greece which meant that the Ios photo spots weren’t too far away!

Ios Greece Sunset Sarah Latham

13. Drakos Taverna

If you’re looking for iconic Greek photo spots in Ios, you’ll want to head directly to Drakos Taverna. Found on the Far Out Beach Club side of Mylopotas Beach (Google Maps location here) here you can enjoy beautiful seafood as you sit on the literal ocean edge. You’ll also find the classic Greek drying octopuses here as well which is one of the popular Ios photo spots.

Ios Photo Spots Sarah Latham Copyright Drakos Taverna

14. Entrance to Chora town

Don’t overlook the main entrance into Chora town when looking for the best photo spots in Ios. With the beautiful white buildings cascading up the hill in the background and the blue and white churches in the foreground, the entrance to Chora is one of the best spots to snap a photo in Ios. You can find its location on Google Maps here.

Ios Island Sarah Latham Copyright Chora Church

15. Pathos Sunset Bar

A popular spot to watch the sunset in Ios and a well known Ios photo spot is Pathos Sunset Bar. This spot is on the pricy side with cover charge, expensive drinks and a minimum order to sit at the tables, but there’s no denying with the view, the infinity pool and the front row seats to the sunset that this is one of the best photo spots in Ios.

Girl sillohouetted against the sunset standing on top of an infinity pool in Ios, Greece

16. Odyseas Elytis Amphitheatre

This is one of the few Ios photo spots that I haven’t been to, but it is on my list. Situated on top of a hill (near the viewpoint near the Gaitis Simossi Museum photo spot mentioned above), enjoy beautiful views across Chora. You can see more about the Amphitheatre looks like here and find its Google Maps location here.

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