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If you’ve been researching must do places to see in Cairns, there is no doubt you’ll have come across the iconic Walshs Pyramid road shot. Pleasingly framed with sugarcane fields on either side, a perfectly straight road leading exactly to the centre to the majestic Walshs Pyramid, this spot is a photographer’s dream.

Girl standing on road looking up at pyramid shaped mountain

So where is Walshs Pyramid Road? Those who have spent some time in Cairns or know the mountains name will know that Walshs Pyramid is located a 25 minutes drive south of Cairns near a small town called Gordonvale. This mountain stands out from the mountain ranges around it due to its exact pyramid like shape, and its claim to fame is being the ‘highest natural free standing natural pyramid in the world.’ It is one of the best hikes in Cairns, popular with both locals and tourists (you are more likely to spot a local tackling this mountain though!).

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Whether you’re keen to test out your fitness skills on Walshs Pyramid or just want to get the shot for the gram, read on to discover how to find that Walshs Pyramid road in Cairns.

How to get to the Walshs Pyramid Road spot

Walshs Pyramid road spot is easily reachable but you will need to have a car as there is no public transport to this area, unless you fancy a 2 hour walk from Gordonvale.

To get to the Walshs Pyramid road spot, put this location into your Google Maps. If you’re in Cairns, head onto Mulgrave Road and continue south out of Cairns and onto the Bruce Highway. As you approach Gordonvale you will see Walshs Pyramid in the distance. The photo spot is found on the other side (the southern side) of the Pyramid and therefore you will need to continue down the Bruce Highway until you have just passed the mountain. On your right you will spot Behana Gorge Road, slow down here to turn (be careful as it is a fast moving highway) and follow this road through all the way to the end. You will see that the road is quite narrow and twists its way through sugarcane fields, farms and residential houses. Be sure not to speed through this area as there are a lot of blind corners, people living in the area and, if the season is right, sugar cane trains in action.

girl standing on road looking at pyramid shaped mountain at sunset

The easiest way to know when to stop is to drive all the way to the end of the road until you come to the Behana Gorge carpark. From here you can turn around and head back to where you’ve just driven from. As you drive away from Behana Gorge carpark, you’ll quickly see Walshs Pyramid rising above you and find you are at the Walshs Pyramid Road photo spot!

Girl standing on road looking up at pyramid shaped mountain

This is a great photo spot in Cairns and one of the most Instagrammable photo locations in Cairns. Be sure to add a visit to the Walshs Pyramid Road photo spot to your Cairns itinerary.

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