Browns Falls Sarah Latham

Looking for Browns Falls, one of the incredible waterfalls near Killarney? Situated right near the Queensland and NSW border, is a collection of waterfalls lesser known than the popular ones on the Gold Coast hinterland but will still impress you just as much.

Browns Falls is one of the most naturally picturesque waterfalls I have seen in this region, and the small adventure (aka rock hopping) before arriving in the waterfall clearing only adds to its charm.

First Things First

Browns Falls is located only 4.5km (and less than a 10 minute drive) outside of Killarney on the Queensland NSW border.

To get to Browns Falls carpark, see here for Google Maps location point. The falls are about a 2 hour drive from Brisbane City and 2 and a half drive from Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast (but there is plenty to discover here and on the way).

There is ample parking at Browns Falls.

How to get to Browns Falls

To get to Browns Falls start by heading off towards the short tunnel you can see from the car park.

You will see a lot of warning signs saying this hike is only for those who are able-bodied. This is due to the rock hopping along the way. There is no specific track as you just wander up the side of the creek and therefore you must be completely able to explore this waterfall. However, you don’t need to be considerably fit as the hike while takes some concentration is not (in my opinion) hard.

How to get to Browns Falls Killarney Sarah Latham

The trek up the creek is just under 20 minutes, keep your eye out for bright markers along the way.

As you get to the very end, you’ll start to hear the waterfall before opening up into an impressive clearing with a considerable cliff faces. Once you’ve arrived, you will be able to explore all around the waterfall,

Browns Falls Killarney Sarah Latham
Browns Falls Killarney Sarah Latham

Be careful as the rocks are quite slippery from mud and fallen leaves.

I was completely blown away by Browns Falls, as I wasn’t expecting to find it when I first started exploring the area. It is definitely up there with some of my favourite Queensland waterfalls (which, given the sheer number of incredible waterfalls in this state, really is saying something).

Browns Falls Sarah Latham

To return to your car, head back the same way you came.

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