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Copenhagen is the ultimate city weekend getaway. With a variety of cool and interesting activities on offer, all within a short distance of each other, spend a few days ticking off all the things to do in Copenhagen.

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Copenhagen Sarah Latham Harbour

1. Take in the view of Copenhagen from Church of our Saviour

One of the best view points (and an exciting excursion as well) is the Church of our Saviour. More than just a view point, you’ll walk up very narrow winding stairs to reach to the top – which, can be a slight challenge with the number of people they let up into the church tower, but is so worth it for the experience and the views across Copenhagen from the top. You can find the Church of our Saviour from Google Maps link here and for more information on the Church of our Saviour click here.

2. Freetown Christiania

One of the more unique things about this city is Freetown Christiania. Found near the centre (Google maps link here), Freetown Christiania is a community that is operated under a foundation. The easiest way to understand Christiania is here. We spent about an hour or two wandering around the community, taking in the sights and environment.

Copenhagen Sarah Latham Freetown Christiania

3. Captain a small boat along the canals

One of the coolest things to do in Copenhagen is hiring a small boat and travelling around the canals. We hired one for an hour but in hindsight it would’ve been great to hire it for 2-3 hours because it was so much fun! I’d also recommend stopping by the shops and picking up a few drinks and snacks to enjoy while exploring.

4. Copenhagen walking tour

Denmark has a really interesting history, closely tied with Scandinavia. Our hostel (Steel Hostel Copenhagen) collaborates with Politically Incorrect Tours so we joined this one and spent about 2 hours walking around the city learning about its history (particularly its involvement in various wars).

Politically Incorrect Tours Copenhagen Sarah Latham

5. Changing of the Guards

We visited the Changing of the Guards as a part of our Politically Incorrect Tours, while not quite as much of a show as the British Changing of the Guards it’s still worth stopping by to watch the blue parade across the square.

Copenhagen Changing of the Guards

6. Spot a royal

While you’re here, try your luck at spotting a royal. While we were in Copenhagen we were lucky enough to spot Prince Frederick, Princess Mary and Princess Marie. Admittedly not during the changing of the guards but later in the day as we were passing the Tivoli Gardens entrance (they were attending an event inside). Being Australian we were most excited to see Princess Mary out of the lot.

Princess Mary

7. Rosenborg Castle

Built in the 17th century and hosting the crown jewels, Rosenborg Castle is worth visiting when exploring the city. We stopped by the morning before flying out to take in the view of the castle from the grounds.

Copenhagen Sarah Latham Rosenborg Palace

8. Copenhagen Harbour

The ultimate thing to see in Copenhagen is the Copenhagen harbour. An icon for the city, the colourful themed houses lining the harbour canal are a must do. Spend sometime wandering along the footpath, eating and drinking at one of the many tourist cafe and restaurants found here and taking a few cute snaps of the area along the way.

Copenhagen Sarah Latham

9. The Little Mermaid Statue

While known as being slightly underwhelming, The Little Mermaid statue is one of the things to see in Copenhagen. The statue sits here due to Hans Christian Andersen calling Copenhagen home for most of his life. It’s one of the city’s claims to fame and therefore, if you have the time, walk down to the end of the harbour and snap a pic of The Little Mermaid statue.

10. Stay at the Steel House Copenhagen hostel

Don’t break your budget on accommodation when you could stay at the Steel House Copenhagen instead without scrimping on the luxury. Find out more about my experience at this luxury hostel here.

Steel House Copenhagen Sarah Latham

11. Tivoli Gardens

The most famous amusement park in Denmark (and one of the most famous amusement parks in Europe) the Tivoli Gardens is a popular things to do in Copenhagen. Enjoy rides, shops and beautiful spots around Tivoli Gardens – which is also suitable for children. You can learn more about the Tivoli Gardens on their official website including opening hours and prices.

12. Copenhagen Botanical Gardens

Spend a few hours wandering around the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens – famous on Instagram for the white spiral staircases surrounded by greenery, the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens are home to a butterfly house and palm house. You can find out more about this experience here.

What to eat in Copenhagen

1. Smorrebrod

One of the most iconic Copenhagen dishes is the Smorrebrod. A type of open sandwich often topped with fish and meat – personally, I didn’t really like mine it was very heavy but with many different types of topping on offer, it’s worth a try.

Smorrebrod Copenhagen Sarah Latham

2. Danish Hot Dog

One type of food I surprisingly loved in Copenhagen was the Danish style hot dogs. Found at many street vendors across Copenhagen, you can choose from a large variety of toppings which adds a little something extra to a classic hot dog.

Danish Hot Dog Copenhagen Sarah Latham

3. Pastry

Pastry is well popular in Denmark and we ate breakfast at different bakeries each day while in the city. My favourite spot was Sct. Peders bageri & Konditori – which is the oldest bakery in Copenhagen. We also enjoyed more sweet treats from Lagkegehuset, which is a Danish bakery chain.

4. Waffles

While it’s Belgium that holds the claim to fame over waffles, they’re pretty damn good in Copenhagen as well. Stop by one of the many waffle shops throughout the city to obtain your sweet fix.

Copenhagen Waffles Sarah Latham

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