Serena van der Woodsen Gossip Girl filming location Lotte New York Palace hotel

Your Ultimate Self Guided Tour of Gossip Girl Filming Locations

Looking for the ultimate list of Gossip Girl filming locations in New York City? If you’re anything like me (born in the 90s, hit teenage years in the late ‘noughties’) you may have seen the hit show Gossip Girl. While at first you may have watched it for the drama, fashion, boys and increasingly ridiculous story lines, the show also showed some incredible New York City scenery. From absolutely amazing aerial shots of Manhattan, to some of the most incredible buildings and iconic New York places, Gossip Girl really went all out when it came to promoting the city that never sleeps.

While you can pay a lot of money to partake in a paid Gossip Girl tour in New York City, you could also read this blog and follow along for your own self-guided tour of the best of Gossip Girl filming locations in New York City. Set out in the most logical order, tick off all the major Gossip Girl filming locations and plus, by doing it this way over a paid tour, you can visit when you like and stay for as long as you like.

1. Someone saw Serena getting off the train at Grand Central

An iconic line, and where we start our New York City Gossip Girl tour – Grand Central Terminal. Located on 89 E. 42 Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, Grand Central Terminal is a New York City highlight in its own right, but also just as exciting for a Gossip Girl fan.

Grand Central Station New York City Sarah Latham Gossip Girl Tour
Grand Central Terminal, New York City

2. The Lotte New York Palace Hotel – Serena van der Woodsen’s Home

Only a 7 minute walk from Grand Central Terminal, you will find The Lotte New York Palace. Featured in many Gossip Girls scenes as this was Serena van der Woodsen’s home for the start of the series. You can find Serena van der Wooden’s home at 455 Madison Avenue.

Serena van der Woodsen Gossip Girl filming location Lotte New York Palace hotel
Serena, you there?

3. Blair’s Favourite Spot to Feed the Ducks – The Pond, Central Park

Leave Serena van der Woodsen behind and walk for approximately 15 minutes towards Central Park. While many areas of Central Park featured as a Gossip Girl filming location, one of the most reoccurring and iconic was The Pond, located in the South East corner, where Blair often took Dorota to feed the ducks.

The Pond Central Park Feeding the ducks Gossip Girl Locations Sarah Latham
Blair’s duck pond, Central Park

4. The Empire Hotel

Head across and out of Central Park towards Broadway. Another quick 15 minute stroll and you will find yourself at The Empire Hotel, famous in Gossip Girl for being Chuck Bass’s home sweet home and an iconic Gossip Girl filming location. You can find The Empire Hotel at 44 W 63rd Street.

Empire Hotel Chuck Bass Gossip Girl filming locations Sarah Latham
“I’m Chuck Bass”

5. Nate Archibald’s House

Duck back across Central Park and after a 25 minute walk find yourself on the East side of Central Park. 4 East 74th Street stood as the exterior for Nate Archibald’s Upper East Side mansion in Gossip Girl. This mansion was listed in 2017 for USD $39 million and you can learn more about this incredible New York residence here.

Nate House Gossip Girl Filming locations New York City Sarah Latham
Nate Archibald’s house, New York City

6. Spotted on the steps of the Met – The Met Steps

A quick 10 minute stroll down 5th Avenue and you’ll arrive at the most iconic Gossip Girl filming locations. The Met Steps, immensely famous in the Gossip Girl series, are the real front steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sit on these steps yourself at 1000 5th Avenue.

The Met steps Gossip Girl Filming Locations New York City Sarah Latham
‘Could you do me a favour? … Move down a couple steps.’

7. Constance Billard School for Girls

Continue down 5th Avenue for another 20 minutes, before crossing the road and looking straight at Constance Billard School of Girls, also known as the Museum of the City of New York. While this museum may have been the filming location for the Gossip Girl high school, did you know Constance Billard School for Girls was actually based on a real elite high school in New York? You can find the Gossip Girl filming location for Constance Billard at 1220 5th Avenue.

That wraps up our Gossip Girl walking tour of filming locations in Manhattan.

Gossip Girl Filming Locations on Google Maps

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However, we’re not done there.

Head to the nearest subway station and jump on the the number 2 subway to Brooklyn

8. Dan Humphrey’s Loft in Brooklyn

We wouldn’t forget about the Humphrey’s or their loft in Brooklyn. Located almost directly under the Manhattan Bridge (so the Humphrey’s were no where near as ‘poor’ as the show tried to imply), we can be pleased to report that the Humphrey’s really did live in Brooklyn. Located on 455 Water Street, the Humphrey’s loft is a great Gossip Girl filming location to finish your Gossip Girl tour of New York City on.

Dan Humphrey Loft Brooklyn New York Gossip Girl Filming Locations Sarah Latham
The Humphrey loft, Brooklyn

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