Tully Gorge Sarah Latham

Looking for things to see near Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tablelands in Cairns? Known for being the highest town in Queensland at 920m above sea level, Ravenshoe is a small country town, surrounded by incredible World Heritage rainforest and gorgeous waterfalls. If you are visiting Cairns, be sure to add a trip to Ravenshoe and surrounds while you’re here.

1. Tully Gorge

One of the more well known ‘hidden gems’ in Cairns, Tully Gorge has been made famous by Instagram but still well and truly off the regular tourist trail. Rock hop your way to one of the most scenic pools you’ll find, with incredible views across the prehistoric gorge. Be sure to check weather and rain conditions prior to visiting, and for the easiest way to find this place read: How to get to Tully Gorge.

Tully Gorge Sarah Latham

2. Flame Trees at Ravenshoe

Not just a famous Cold Chisel song, Flame Tree season truly comes to life in Ravenshoe. If visiting in late Spring, keep your eye out for the vibrant red trees dotted throughout the region. The picture below, for example, was taken at a Ravenshoe petrol station.

Ravenshoe Flame Trees Sarah Latham

3. Innot Hot Springs

An unexpected find in this section of Australia, the Innot Hot Springs are natural hot springs found about 25 minutes west of Ravenshoe. Don’t let the clear water fool you, these hot springs reach high temperatures and are often bubbling.

Innot Hot Springs Ravenshoe Sarah Latham

4. Millstream Falls

One of Ravenshoe’s more famous waterfalls, Millstream Falls is about a 15 minute drive from Ravenshoe. Its major claim to fame is being the widest single drop waterfall in Australia. Situated within Millstream Falls National Park, enjoy a short stroll through the grassy bushland before coming to a lookout where you can view the falls.

5. Little Millstream Falls

Located very close to Ravenshoe, Little Millstream Falls, is only a 4 minute drive from Ravenshoe or a 15 minute drive from the larger Millstream Falls. Different from their relative with the similar name, Little Millstream Falls is made up of multiple smaller waterfalls all connecting into a larger pool.

6. Mount Hypipamee Crater

A 25 minute drive north of Ravenshoe and you’ll find yourself at one of the most interesting landscapes in all of Cairns. The Mount Hypipamee Crater was once a real life volcano (or volcanic pipe) that exploded as a result of incredible pressure. Now it sits as a vibrant green pool which you can view from 58m above at the dedicated lookout. That’s 58m above the green you can see, the crater itself actually extends a further 73m down beyond that.

Mt Hypipamee Crater Sarah Latham

7. Dinner Falls

Found at the same location as Mt Hypipamee, Dinner Falls is a quaint waterfall you can reach by venturing along a rainforest track. Dinner Falls may be small but this waterfall is the beginning of Barron River that then turns into the incredible Barron Falls (suggested read: How to see Barron Falls in flood) closer to Cairns.

Dinner Falls Mt Hypipamee Sarah Latham

8. Windy Hill Wind Farm

Finally, we have Windy Hill Wind Farm, a quick 6 minute drive from Ravenshoe. Harnessing the power of renewable energy, this farm sits amongst a cattle farm, overlooking the rolling green hills of this area. For those who are from England, this will (somewhat surprisingly) remind you of home.

Windy Hill Wind Farm Ravenshoe Sarah Latham

Things to see near Ravenshoe

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