two girls in front of Tchupala Falls Cairns

Tchupala and Wallicher Falls are closely located waterfalls on the Palmerston Highway between Innisfail and Millaa Millaa. Located near Nandroya Falls and Mamu Tropical Skywalk, these two waterfalls make a popular and easily accessible stop off point when passing through. I highly recommend adding them to your Cairns waterfall list, especially if you’re visiting Nandroya Falls.

Located about an hour and a half south of Cairns, both of these waterfalls are great things to do near Innisfail and form part of a popular day trip out of Cairns.

To get here you can put this location into Google Maps as the walk to both Tchupala and Wallicher Falls are accessible from the same starting point. Follow the directions south out of Cairns until you reach Palmerston Highway, just before Innisfail. Turn down Palmerston Highway until you reach the starting point of the walk.

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Definitely listen to Google Maps as the starting point for this walk is actually pretty difficult to find if you’re not sure where it is and it definitely doesn’t jump out at you and is quite easy to drive past. Once you’ve arrived, you can park your car on the side of the road and head towards the opening track in the rainforest.

Tchupala and Wallicher Falls sign
I am not sure why the sign says Wallacha

Head down this path, which is quite clearly defined

Pathway to Tchupala and Wallicher Falls Cairns Sarah Latham

We visited on a rainy day and therefore the path was very muddy and quite slippery. This area unfortunately is known for leaches so I strongly recommend wearing covered shoes and bringing something for leaches. From previous visits to this waterfall, I do believe it is quite muddy all year around. It is definitely worth the trek though!

Tchupala and Wallicher Falls caution sign on path

After a short while you will come to a fork in the track and a sign directing you to Wallicher or Tchupala Falls.

Tchupala and Wallicher Falls sign on track
Sorry for the blurry photo

We decided to visit Tchupala Falls first. This track was especially muddy and slippery so be sure to take good care as you are walking next to the slope down to the water.

Tchupala Falls walk Cairns

You will come to a set of steps

Tchupala Falls walk stairs
Tchupala Falls viewing area stairs

And you’re at the Tchupala Falls viewing area!

Here you can take in the view across Tchupala Falls. While there are a lot of photos taken from the bottom of Tchupala Falls, there is a sign (that has been there for years) saying it is too dangerous to go further.

Tchupala Falls caution track closed sign

While the track continuing to the bottom of the falls doesn’t actually look dangerous, it would be great if they could improve the path. The sign says it will reopen when it’s been fixed; however, I think that sign has been there for a long time (at least 2.5 years in my own experience!)

We took in the view from the top viewing area!

Tchupala Falls Cairns Sarah Latham
Tchupala Falls Cairns Sarah Latham
two girls in front of Tchupala Falls Cairns

Before turning around and heading back in the direction we came from. When we hit the fork in the path and the sign, we took the directions towards Wallicher Falls.

Wallicher Falls track
Path to Wallicher Falls

We followed the path until we arrived at Wallicher Falls. This path is interesting as for the most part you’re actually very close to Palmerston Highway and can hear and see the cars passing by.

When you arrive at Wallicher Falls viewing area you are greeted with a bench and a fenced over area indicating the lookout.

Wallicher Falls Cairns

It’s not possible (that I’m aware of) to get closer to Wallicher Falls and here you can admire these beautiful falls from a distance.

Wallicher Falls Cairns Sarah Latham
Wallicher Falls Cairns Sarah Latham

Please excuse the relatively boring stance, it was very muddy here and I was actually focusing on standing still for the long exposure without slipping!

After we had our fair share of admiring Wallicher Falls as well, we turned around and headed back. By this point I (who was wearing only thongs) had very muddy and slippery feet. I was definitely keen for a good shower so I recommend making sure you have a towel or some water to clean your feet once you get back to your car!

Tchupala and Wallicher Falls

While these two waterfalls make two very quick trips they’re great ones to include in your Cairns waterfall adventures and make a great stop to or from the way to the much larger and well known Nandroya Falls just up the road. Happy waterfall chasing!

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