Boat on the edge of canal in France

Glisser sur l’eau // to glide over the water
The French Canals 

Two years ago my parents were invited to join their friends on their canal boat in France. Ever since then (which has turned into a running joke amongst my brother, his girlfriend and I) my parents have debated buying their own canal boat for retirement and spending half the year in France and half the year in Australia (searching for that eternal Summer time). This year the same friends were returning to Australia for a month and asked my parents if they wanted to look after the boat for that time. Which, of course, they jumped at. Before heading into Croatia to begin my solo travels I joined them in Auxonne where they met Jenny and the boat and spent a few days cruising along the river. It was exceptionally relaxing.

France roads

My parents caught a train to Dijon from Paris, but being on the backpacker budget I am on, it was about $70 cheaper to go via bus. Which I did, and then re-met my parents again in Dijon and caught the train with them to Auxonne.

French canals

Our first night of the boat was in Auxonne, from there we moved onto Pontailler-sur-Saone. We woke up to a market around us, that ended up actually being some sort of Onion festival. It was actually fascinating, with members of the community (we think the council) dressed up in special clothes and golden onions around their necks. As both Jenny and I had to get back closer to Dijon to catch transport out of France we headed back to Auxonne. My parents then continued on for another few weeks after this.

French canals sunset

French houses

Croissants for breakfast every day. Yes please. Ate ourselves into a food coma every meal. Can you blame us?

Ta dad for the photo haha

French canals

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