Sarah Latham Copyright Hanoi Train Street Vietnam

Looking to find the famous Hanoi Train Street? Sifting through the rumours of the train street being blocked to the public and confusing instructions about where it is can be hard. I visited the Hanoi Train Street and found it very easy and accessible to get to. Just follow these instructions on how to get to the Hanoi Train Street and important information you need to know about visiting below.

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Sarah Latham Copyright Hanoi Train Street Vietnam

Is Hanoi Train Street closed?

When I visited Hanoi in 2023, the train street in Hanoi was definitely not closed. I heard stories that the train street was closed; however, I believe this may be the old one (that has security guards stopping people entering) and this ‘new’ one is still very accessible – including cafes to sit at to wait.

Sarah Latham Copyright Hanoi Train Street Vietnam

Where is Hanoi Train Street?

The easiest way to find Hanoi Train Street is to go to this address 202 Le Duan Street. This isn’t the exact location of train street, but it will take you to the immediate vicinity. From here, you can cross the main road and you will be able to see the train tracks emerging from the alley that is Hanoi Train Street. I’ve highlighted the actual spot in yellow below.

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Hanoi Train Street location Sarah Latham
Hanoi Train Street location Sarah Latham
Entrance to the train street

What cafe should you go to?

As you enter Hanoi Train Street, you’ll see there are houses, plants, and cafes all along the side of the train track. Just choose a cafe that you think looks great and gives you a good view of the train and you’ll be sorted.

What time do the trains come past?

That is the question! When we visited the trains came past multiple times a day – roughly twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon – plus, we were also told they came at night. It can be quite difficult to know when the trains are coming – we visited at about 2pm and caught the 230pm and 330pm trains. The trains come in both directions – so the trains that are coming from Hanoi are much easier to time as they are only leaving from the Hanoi Train Station, just up the road. The ones coming into Hanoi are a little harder as they are coming from Ho Chi Minh City (or other locations further south) and therefore can get delayed. It is highly worth just going to a cafe and waiting it out. I would get to the train street before 815am if you are trying a morning opportunity, just so you don’t potentially miss it.

Sarah Latham Copyright Hanoi Train Street Vietnam

Extra things to know about Hanoi Train Street

If you head further away from the entrance point you’ll get a prettier framed photo (in my opinion) which was where the photos I took of the train coming around the corner were taken.

Bring some beer caps (or ask the cafe) to place on the tracks before the train comes – the train will flatten them, which makes a pretty cool souvenir!

Sarah Latham Copyright Hanoi Train Street Vietnam

Safety first

The reason why there is talk of Hanoi Train Street shutting down is due to the safety factor. The train takes up considerable space in the alley (as you can see for yourself!) and people have died trying to get a photo or not taking the danger seriously. Don’t take risks and listen to the locals who live on the street, they really do know what they’re talking about. This area can be a very safe and fun experience as long as you take safety seriously. The cafes and locals will all let you know where you can safely experience the Hanoi Train Street!

Sarah Latham Copyright Hanoi Train Street Vietnam

This experience is easily one of the highlights in Vietnam, and one of the best things to do in Hanoi. I would recommend every traveller to Hanoi to visit.

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