Best Acai in Cairns Sarah Latham

Looking for the best Acai in Cairns? Cairns is a bustling town full of hundreds of restaurants and cafes. To narrow down your search, try out these top 4 locations for the best Acai bowls in Cairns

1. Mayhem at Machans

Located in Machans Beach in North Cairns, Mayhem at Machans is a cute cafe, known for its endearing and Instagrammable decor. With a variety of breakfast and lunch options available, my favourite is their Acai bowl.

2. Ozmosis

A popular cafe in Edge Hill village, Ozmosis is a popular spot for Acai in Cairns. With a large variety of acai bowls and an extensive breakfast menu, Ozmosis won’t disappoint. You can enjoy your acai bowl as is or add Cocowhip as an extra topping. Located next to the Cairns Botanical Gardens and the popular arrow tracks, enjoy a walk before or after your smoothie bowl.

Ozmosis, Edge Hill

3. Frydays – now called Crave Cairns

Updated since originally sharing as Frydays is now Crave Cairns. However, their smoothie and acai bowls are still fantastic. Frydays originally appears to be a fish and chips takeaway, however, it also had some of the best acai and smoothie bowls in Cairns. Now it is called Crave Cairns, but you can sit on the corner and watch the world go by as you tuck in to fresh acai bowl.

Crave Cairns Acai Bowl

4. Pantry 15

Located on Grafton Street, Pantry 15 is a quaint cafe, popular with Cairns locals. The Acai bowl servings are very generous and the Acai bowls are very tasty.

Pantry 15, Grafton Street

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