Tchupala Falls Cairns Sarah Latham

Visiting Atherton Tablelands? Famous for its waterfalls, you’ll have already heard of the Atherton Tablelands waterfall circuit – comprising of Millaa Millaa Falls, Ellinjaa Falls and Zillie Falls. No doubt you’ll also have heard of Barron Falls and how it roars to life every wet season and if you’ve even done a bit more research, no doubt you’ll have come across Instagram famous Windin Falls… but after all of this, where do you go when you want to find the lesser known Atherton Tablelands waterfalls, you know, the Atherton Tablelands waterfalls you probably haven’t heard of? Read on to discover some of the best Atherton Tablelands hidden gems in waterfall format.

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1. Wallicher Falls

Starting off the Atherton Tablelands waterfalls list off strong with Wallicher Falls. Found along the Palmerston Highway, this waterfall is a great one to stop at as you just arrive at the Atherton Tablelands (from the south). It is only a short walk before this viewing platform pictured below, and as the path stops here, you don’t need to spend too much time before you’ve ticked it off. For more information: How to get to Tchupala and Wallicher Falls

Wallicher Falls Cairns Sarah Latham
Wallicher Falls

2. Dinner Falls

Often overshadowed by its more famous (and vibrantly green – if you know you know) neighbour, Dinner Falls is a quiet and unassuming waterfall located on the upper Barron River. Find one of lesser known Atherton Tablelands waterfalls by parking at the Mount Hypipamee Crater car park and following the signs along the easy rainforest track to this spot.

Sarah Latham Dinner Falls Atherton Tablelands Waterfalls
Dinner Falls

3. Pepina Falls

You don’t have to travel far from the famous Atherton Tablelands waterfalls (you know, Millaa Millaa Falls and the gang) before you come across this beautiful Atherton Tablelands waterfall. In fact, Pepina Falls is found only 15 minutes drive from Millaa Millaa Falls. However, the benefit of visiting the lesser known Atherton Tablelands waterfalls is a lot less (aka often no) crowds joining you while you enjoy the waterfall.

Pepina Falls Sarah Latham Atherton Tablelands waterfalls
Pepina Falls

4. Souita Falls

Souita Falls is truly one for the locals, as it doesn’t often appear on many Atherton Tablelands waterfalls tourist maps. However, just like Pepina Falls you can find Souita Falls pretty close to Millaa Millaa Falls and again, just like Pepina Falls, being one of the lesser known Atherton Tablelands waterfalls means you are likely to enjoy this spot to yourself.

Sarah Latham Souita Falls
Souita Falls

5. Tchupala Falls

The neighbour of the earlier Wallicher Falls, Tchupala Falls is also found along Palmerston Highway in between Millaa Millaa and Innisfail. This is a great one of the lesser known Atherton Tablelands waterfalls to add to your list, especially if you’re visiting the nearby Mamu Tropical Skywalk (it’s just a two minute drive away!)

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two girls in front of Tchupala Falls Cairns Atherton Tablelands waterfalls
Tchupala Falls

6. Cannabullen Falls

One of the hikers among us Cannabullen Falls is one of the taller, bigger and most spectacular Atherton Tablelands waterfalls. Personally I’ve only ever hiked to the top of the waterfall (where you can enjoy the views and swim in the smaller waterfall at the top) but a few of my friends have made the strenuous hike to the bottom – please only attempt the hike to the bottom of Cannabullen Falls if you are an experienced hiker, well prepared and your friends know where you are.

Cannabullen Falls Atherton Tablelands Cairns Sarah Latham
The small waterfall at the top of Cannabullen Falls

7. Nandroya Falls

Nandroya Falls is bordering on the lesser known but really is kind of known Atherton Tablelands waterfalls. However, due to it requiring a bit of a hike and not being on the main Atherton Tablelands waterfalls tourist maps just yet, I thought I’d include it here. There’s no denying that Nandroya Falls has to be one of my favourite waterfalls on the Atherton Tablelands. The waterfall is spectacular, you can swim and the hike in and out is moderate but very enjoyable. You can combine your visit to Nandroya Falls with the above mentioned Wallicher and Tchupala Falls to make a very enjoyable day exploring the lesser known Atherton Tablelands waterfalls.

Nandroya Falls Atherton Tablelands Waterfalls Sarah Latham
Nandroya Falls

8. Little Millstream Falls

Now we are getting to the lesser known waterfalls up here, Little Millstream Falls is found near Ravenshoe and unlike the other Atherton Tablelands waterfalls, this one is found more in bushland rather than rainforest. This just adds to its charm though. You can find this spot not too far from the dedicated car park and while you’re here be sure to visit ‘Big’ Millstream Falls – which is known for being Australia’s widest single drop waterfall.

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Little Millstream Falls Sarah Latham
Little Millstream Falls

9. Malanda Falls

One of the smaller of the Atherton Tablelands waterfalls, you can find Malanda Falls outside (you guessed it) the township of Malanda. This area is an easy spot to jump in for a swim (in good weather) or relax nearby. While you’re here in Malanda be sure to visit Nerada Tea Rooms, just a ten minute drive away.

Malanda Falls Sarah Latham
Malanda Falls

10. Davies Creek Falls

And to wrap up the list of lesser known Atherton Tablelands waterfalls we have Davies Creek Falls. Found in the Mareeba section of the Atherton Tablelands, Davies Creek Falls is a great place to spend the day – from rock hopping, exploring to swimming and enjoying a picnic. The main swimming area is at the top of the falls, where you can enjoy the view from an almost-infinity style edge from above. In good weather this place is a very relaxing and enjoyable place to spend the day. If you’re looking for more things to see around this area (like the local’s favourite Emerald Creek Falls) I suggest you check out: Things to do near Mareeba: Cairns to Mareeba road trip must do’s)

Davies Creek Falls Mareeba Sarah Latham
Davies Creek Falls

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