Alexandra Lookout Daintree National Park Sarah Latham

The Daintree (officially: Daintree National Park) is the northern end of the incredible Wet Tropics World Heritage Area that stretches from Cooktown down to just above Townsville in North Queensland. The Wet Tropics Rainforest is famous for being the home of the oldest tropical rainforest on Earth, old enough to predate the dinosaur extinction. Located about a 1.5 – 2 hour drive north of Cairns City, the Daintree is a popular spot for travellers to visit and experience. If you’re visiting the Daintree make sure you don’t leave without visiting these 4 must do Daintree places.

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1. Mossman Gorge

Found just north of Port Douglas (and about an hour and 15 from Cairns), Mossman Gorge is famous for its pools of transparent green and smooth boulders as well as its important connection to the Kuku Yalanji People. To gain a greater insight into Mossman Gorge be sure to join the guided Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk (you can learn more about this experience here). Suggested read: Your Cairns to Port Douglas itinerary.

Mossman Gorge Sarah Latham
Mossman Gorge Sarah Latham

2. Alexandra Lookout

Located just across the Daintree River, Alexandra Lookout is a beautiful spot with stunning views across the rainforest and out to the Coral Sea. It makes for a great photo op, but prepared to be patient as tour buses often stop by here on their day tours so it can be crowded at times. Google Maps location here.

Girl standing with a sunhat that says "Do not Disturb"
Two girls in sun hats holding hands overlooking rainforest lookout
Alexandra Lookout Daintree Rainforest Sarah Latham

3. Cow Bay

Only a 10 minute drive away from Alexandra Lookout, you’ll reach Cow Bay. Located right on the coast, this beach is equipped with a few tree swings making it a great spot to stop along the way and snap a few photos as well.

Cow Bay Daintree Rainforest Sarah Latham

4. Cape Tribulation

And finally, one of the most iconic locations in not only the Daintree, but North Queensland – Cape Tribulation. Famous for being the only spot in the world where two natural world heritage sites meet each other, also known as where the rainforest meets the reef, Cape Tribulation is a must for many’s bucket list and the reason why a lot of people visit the Daintree. Upon arrival you can take the rainforest boardwalk to reach the beach, or opt for the quick and direct cut through if you’re short on time.

Cape Tribulation Rainforest boardwalk Daintree Rainforest
Daintree Rainforest boardwalk
Daintree Rainforest boardwalk
Daintree Rainforest boardwalk
Cape Tribulation Daintree Sarah Latham Cairns
Cape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation Daintree Sarah Latham
Cape Tribulation

You can visit the Daintree on a day tour from Cairns with Jungle Tours & Trekking (read about my experience here: Cape Tribulation with Jungle Tours Go Wild) or take your own car over and explore by yourself. Enjoy!

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