Live in Innisfail and looking for things to do? Whether you are an Innisfail local, a seasonal worker or backpacker extending your working holiday visa through fruit picking, take advantage of your time in Innisfail by ticking off some of the most beautiful places in Australia.

1. Paronella Park

Less than 20 minute drive out of Innisfail, Paronella Park is a must do experience. Wander through the castle ruins of a famous Catalan castle, a rare sight to see in Australia (and one you wouldn’t expect situated within the rainforest of North Queensland!).

Paronella Park castle ruins in the rainforest near Innisfail
Paronella Park

2. Nandroya Falls

Head up the Palmerston Highway for 30 minutes and you’ll find the start of the rainforest trail leading to Nandroya Falls. This is a great trek and one of the most popular things to do near Innisfail and on the Palmerston Highway.

Nandroya Falls girl Cairns Innisfail
Nandroya Falls

3. Mission Beach

Only 40 minutes south of Innisfail, Mission Beach is a quaint collection of villages, situated along the coast. Wander along the nearly deserted beach, stopping to admire the coconut trees along the way.

Coconut Trees Mission Beach Sarah Latham
Mission Beach

4. Josephine Falls

About 25 minutes north, Josephine Falls is a beautiful waterfall, popular with locals and tourists from all over Tropical North Queensland, this waterfall is a great place to visit near Innisfail.

Josephine Falls Cairns
Josephine Falls

5. Nucifora Tea Plantation

Close to Nandroya Falls, on the Palmerston Highway about 25 minutes west of Innisfail, you will find Nucifora Tea Plantation. Situated next to the main road, pull over for a photo shoot amongst the tea leaves. This place looks especially beautiful at sunrise.

Nucifora Tea Plantation Cairns Sarah Latham Innisfail
Nucifora Tea Plantation

6. Babinda Boulders

One of the most Instagrammable places in the Cairns region, Babinda Boulders is 30 minutes north of Innisfail and is another spot that is popular with both tourists and locals. Spend a day cooling off in the pristine green pools.

Sarah Latham Babinda Boulders Cairns
Babinda Boulders

7. Cardwell Spa Pool

Just over an hour south, Cardwell Spa Pool is one of the best things to do near Innisfail. The candy blue coloured water is famous on the internet, and is worth a visit while you are nearby.

Sarah Latham Cardwell Spa Pools Cairns
Cardwell Spa Pool

8. Tchupala Falls

Again on the Palmerston Highway, Tchupala Falls is about 25 minutes west of Innisfail. A short trail will lead you to a spot where you can view the falls from above. Suggested read: How to get to Tchupala and Wallicher Falls.

9. Wallicher Falls

Only a few minutes further from Tchupala Falls, you will find Wallicher Falls. Again, a waterfall you can view at from a distance, Wallicher Falls is a popular waterfall near Innisfail that is worth a visit and you can learn how to get here through: How to get to Tchupala and Wallicher Falls.

Wallicher Falls Sarah Latham Cairns Innisfail
Wallicher Falls

10. Wallaman Falls

Okay, admittedly, Wallaman Falls is not super close to Innisfail, but if you have a car it is worth the trek. 2.5 hours south, Wallaman Falls is Australia’s highest single drop waterfall. You can view this waterfall from above, or take the steep (but relatively accommodating) path to the base to admire the falls from below. Highly recommend checking out Wallaman Falls if you can. Suggested read: How to get to Wallaman Falls in North Queensland.

Wallaman Falls

Happy exploring!

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