Girl sillohouetted against the sunset standing on top of an infinity pool in Ios, Greece

‘Forget them, Wendy, forget them all. Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again.’
– Peter Pan

Late August, 2017, I was on a sunrise ferry transfer from Santorini to Ios.

I had visited Ios in May the previous year and had absolutely hated it, but after constantly being told by others how much they loved it when they went, and seeing more and more photos I thought I had to give it another try because I must be wrong. And boy was I right to try it again, this time I left Ios completely relaxed and happy about life only wishing that I could’ve stayed longer.

I was travelling with two girls Aimee and Paige I had met in Europe the year before who had spent the last year living in London and their group of friends. I had joined the group in Santorini for a few days prior before ferrying over to Ios. I love the ferry transfers in Greece, they are easily the most efficient transport I have ever experienced. Even with somewhat frequent delays, due to rough seas, seeing how the Greeks manage to unload and upload hundreds of passengers safely within minutes at each port is pretty amazing and after waiting an hour to get off the ferry between Ireland and Wales I definitely wish more countries would follow Greece’s suit. Plus most of the ferries are great – massive with 5 levels and food and tourist shops (although the ferry I got from Ios to Athens definitely was not like this haha – win some lose some).

We arrived and instantly met by our hostel transfer – we were staying at Far Out Beach Club. As the girls I was travelling with had pre-booked their accommodation before I even knew I had travelling plans, I was separate to them. Unfortunately, this part – sucked – as I had mistakenly booked into not a hostel dorm but a tent without electricity. Definitely mis-advertised and lucky I had the girls room to charge my phone in! To be fair at $9aud a night, I was doing alright budget wise…

Spent the next few days just relaxing. Ios has the nicest summer holiday community vibe and it’s hard not to convince yourself to stay for an entire summer. As it is a popular destination it was actually awesome because in addition to the group I was travelling with, the people in my dorm room in Santorini were in Ios, others I had met in the previous weeks travelling the Balkans were also in Ios and my friends Sarah and Rachael were also there – all within the same 3 days.

We spent the nights drinking and dancing, and the days searching for cliff jump spots and photo opportunities.

Pathos Sunset Lounge with Sarah and Rachael – the perfect place for sunset.
Pathos Sunset Lounge Ios Pathos Sunset Lounge IosPathos Sunset Lounge Ios poolPathos Sunset Lounge Ios GreecePathos Sunset Lounge Ios GirlsIos Greece Pathos Sunset Lounge girl chair poolgirls at Pathos Sunset Lounge iosGirls at Pathos Sunset Lounge Ios GreecePathos Sunset Lounge Ios GreecePathos Ios Sunset Lounge Ios Pathos Sunset Lounge girls drinks sunset
Pathos Sunset Lounge Ios Girl Selfie Sunset Girls sunset Pathos Sunset Lounge Pathos Sunset Lounge Girls selfie
Pathos Sunset Lounge cheers girls drinks Ios Greece Pathos Greece Sunset Lounge girls in chair Pathos Sunset Lounge Ios Greece

The next day we went searching for cliff jumping spots and found this brilliant cove. The water was freezing but SO worth it. Hilariously, what we were jumping off was so much higher than what the photos show.

Ios Cliff Jumping with Rachael, Sarah and Paige
Ios Greece girls in oceanIos Greece coastline Ios Greece coastline Ios Greece coastline Girls in Ios, Greece

girls swimming in ocean in Ios Greecegirls in Ios, Greece

girl next to ocean in Ios, Greece
Ios, Greece coastline
girl jumping into ocean Ios Greece

Girls cliff jumping in Ios, Greece go pro

Afterwards my friend Paige and I walked up to the Ios churches and town for sunset.

Ios Church and Town

Ios Greece town

Ios Greece town

Ios Greece churchIos Greece Church girlIos Greece town
Ios church greeceChurch in Ios


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