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Visiting Victoria and ready to explore the iconic Grampians region or a Melbourne local looking for a relaxing and simultaneously mind-blowing weekend away? Regardless of who you are, you have one thing in common, you won’t regret a trip to one of Australia’s most gorgeous national parks. First things first…

Where are The Grampians?

The Grampians (aka Grampians National Park) can be found a 3 hour drive north west of Melbourne (Google Map directions to Halls Gap here) and a 2.5 hour drive north west from the 12 Apostles. (Google Maps directions to Halls Gap here) and therefore make a popular spot on any Victoria road trip itinerary. I visited The Grampians for the first time in May, 2021 on a 5 day campervan road trip with Apollo Motorhome Holidays* and was blown away by the dry and outback style beauty tucked away within the Victorian mountains. Read on to discover my favourite places we explored in the Grampians.

*I visited Grampians as a part of a collaboration with Apollo Motorhome Holidays. (For more information on my disclaimer and how you can work with me see: Work With Me)

1. Mackenzie Falls (Mikunung Wira)

Say g’day to one of the biggest waterfalls in Victoria. Mikunung Wira or otherwise known as Mackenzie Falls is an impressive waterfall situated within the Grampians. We visited early one morning after sunrise at The Balconies (scroll down for more information). This spot is about a 19km drive from Halls Gap; however, be prepared to take the drive slowly and carefully along the tight mountain roads (and keep your eyes out for kangaroo and wildlife on the way!) While it was a cold morning both heading down to the falls and standing in front of them, we heated up very quickly on the walk back up so be prepared to get your heart rate pumping just a little bit on the stairs on return!

Mackenzie Falls Victoria Grampians Sarah Latham

2. Boroka Lookout

You’ve probably seen this photo a million times before, the Boroka Lookout in The Grampians is a must to take in the impressive landscape surrounding you. Only attempt to sit out on the ledge if you are very sure of your body and surroundings and don’t take unnecessary risks.

3. Halls Gap

We based ourselves in Halls Gap for our Grampians stay due to its close proximity to the mountain range and the lookouts, waterfall and hikes we wanted to experience while here. We wished we had longer to experience Halls Gap as this was one of the cutest villages we have ever been to in Australia – I mean, will you just look at that tree!

Halls Gap with Apollo Camper Vehicle Sarah Latham
We lived and travelled in our Apollo Camper.

4. The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles lookout was a really unexpected delight in our Grampians experience. We hadn’t looked too much into this walk (aka. we hadn’t looked into anything) and after seeing the 2.1km distance on the carpark sign didn’t think it would be a particularly long or relatively challenging hike (as you can tell from my scarf and my friend Monika was actually wearing boots not hiking shoes). We were quite mistaken as we continued the pathway up through the Grampian mountains; however, it was one of the better hikes I have done taking you across arid landscapes, past towering cliff faces and in between rock chasms before reaching the top with views across the Grampians region. I would definitely recommend this hike to any who have a penchant for hiking.

Pinnacles Lookout Hike Sarah Latham Grampians
Early into the hike

5. The Balconies

Another one of the spectacular Grampians lookouts, the Balconies are not to be missed. We visited for sunrise and while it was very cold, it was worth every moment up in the clouds.


We were only in the Grampians for a flying visit (about 24 hours). Visiting the lookouts at sunset and the following sunrise and exploring the waterfall and Pinnacles hike the morning of our second day. This is definitely an area of Australia and Victoria I would love to return to as it was truly mesmerising.

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