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If you’re visiting Gibraltar it’s likely you’re looking for the best photo spots and the most Instagrammable places in Gibraltar. Whether you’re an avid photographer or an amateur Instagrammer, Gibraltar is teaming with beautiful and unique places to snap a picture, take a video and upload. Read on to discover the most Instagrammable places in Gibraltar.

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1. Gibraltar Cable Car

Starting the most Instagrammable places in Gibraltar off strong with the Gibraltar Cable Car. This cable car stretches up from the bottom to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar and the journey provides stunning views across Gibraltar, the Strait of Gibraltar and neighbouring Spain. These cable cars are often busy so try your best to get a spot near the window so you can capture the view.

Gibraltar Sarah Latham Copyright

2. The Barbary Macaques

Another must do for those visiting Gibraltar (it is a popular weekend destination!) is seeing the Barbary Macaques – the only known wild colony of monkeys in Europe. Originally from Morocco, these monkeys wander around the top of the Rock of Gibraltar and pose for many photos. While you may be interested in getting that Instagrammable shot of the monkeys in Gibraltar, remember these are wild animals so don’t get too close (use a zoom lens!). The photo below makes me laugh because it looks photoshopped onto the background, but I can assure you it’s real and you’ll see scenes like this for yourself when visiting.

Gibraltar Monkeys Sarah Latham Copyright

3. Gibraltar Skywalk

I couldn’t put a list of the most Instagrammable places in Gibraltar without including the Gibraltar Skywalk! Found at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar (you need to purchase a Nature Reserve entry ticket to get this far but the Skywalk itself is free), this platform juts out and sits 340m above sea level – providing gorgeous views of Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco! My top tip is to get someone to snap a picture from the higher platform of you standing on the lower platform so your Instagrammable Gibraltar shot can capture the beauty of the location.

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4. St Michael’s Cave

Did you know the Rock of Gibraltar isn’t solid? In fact it’s home to a famous cave: St Michael’s Cave. The Ancient Greeks once thought this cave was the Gate to Hades – the entrance to the underworld – whereas others feel the nature structure on the wall on the side of the cave is of St Michael the Archangel. This cave is lit up by a beautiful, moving light installation and therefore it is a beautiful place in Gibraltar to visit and take photos of. You can read more about St Michael’s Cave here.

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5. The view from the top

I can’t talk so much about the Rock of Gibraltar without mentioning the view from the top (where the cable car drops you off) is stunning and one of the most Instagrammable places in Gibraltar. You don’t need a ticket to the Nature Reserve to take in the view from here, so this is a great Instagrammable spot for those who want to visit the top of the Rock of Gibraltar without venturing further into the Nature Reserve.

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6. Catalan Bay

Coming back closer to ground you have Catalan Bay. This place truly blew me away with just how absolutely beautiful it was. Catalan Bay sits on the eastern side of Gibraltar, slightly away from the main town (although given how small Gibraltar is, it’s still not that far away!). Here colourful buildings line the beach and make for a beautiful photo and Instagrammable Gibraltar shot. This place is a highlight for any Gibraltar weekend itinerary and for those wanting to capture beautiful photos of lesser-known areas of Gibraltar.

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Gibraltar Sarah Latham Copyright Catalan Bay
Gibraltar Sarah Latham Copyright

7. Sunborn Gibraltar

A hotel in a cruise ship you say? Yes! Sunborn Gibraltar is a luxury hotel that is located within a cruise ship in Gibraltar. Snap a few photos as you relax with a beautiful view of the Gibraltar harbour, airport runway (yes!) and drinks at the rooftop pool and bar.

8. Airport runway

Getting into the more unusual things to see in Gibraltar, as mentioned in my Gibraltar weekend itinerary guide, the Gibraltar airport runway is pretty unique. Due to the smallness of Gibraltar, the runway actually intercepts the main road in and out of the country – which means, that excluding when planes are taking off and landing, of course, you can cross the runway by car or foot. You can’t deviate off the marked paths as there is security watching you at all times, but you can snap a few photos of yourself standing on the middle of an in-use airport runway, which is a pretty cool, Instagrammable and unique thing to do in Gibraltar!

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9. Views from the Nature Reserve

Andddd, because Gibraltar is so well known for its views, I had to add taking in the views from the Nature Reserve to this list of Instagrammable places in Gibraltar. As you walk along the nature reserve there will be ample places to stop, pull out your camera and admire the view.

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