Nawurlandja Lookout Kakadu Sarah Latham

Travelling across Kakadu and looking for the best things to do near Jabiru? Read on to discover some of the most interesting, beautiful and culturally impressive parts of Kakadu.

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1. Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel in Jabiru

You can’t visit Jabiru without stopping (and I’d recommend staying a night or so) at the Crocodile Hotel. Operated by the Mercure, this 4 star hotel has been standing as an iconic Northern Territory hotel for several years. Having grown up in the Northern Territory, the Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel is home to many of my childhood memories of holidays away in the Kakadu. This famous hotel has even made an appearances in movies such as Top End Wedding. Want to stay? You can make a booking here.

Crocodile Hotel Jabiru Kakadu Sarah Latham

2. Ubirr

Ubirr is located a 30 minute drive out of Jabiru and is an impressive and beautiful rock art gallery in Kakadu. Known for some of the most impressive rock art in the world, Ubirr shows stories of contact with non-indigenous people and a painting of the Tasmanian tiger. In addition to rock art, you can undertake a short, rocky hike that leads to a brilliant view across the outback plains.

Ubirr Rock Jabiru Kakadu Sarah Latham
Ubirr Rock Jabiru Kakadu Sarah Latham

3. Cahills Crossing

Just around the corner from the Ubirr Rock car park you’ll find the infamous Cahills Crossing. Known as the world’s deadliest crossing, this road crosses the East Alligator River between Kakadu and Arnhem Land. Infamous for good reason, this crossing is teeming with saltwater crocodiles, who at high tide can be seen lining up to get their daily feed of fish. Hence why Cahills Crossing is more than just a road but also a great location to spot crocodiles in the wild. Be warned though, deadly crocodile attacks have occurred here. Be careful and don’t approach the waters edge (you can view the crossing from a small lookout or from a distance on the road like the pictures below).

Cahills Crossing Kakadu Jabiru Sarah Latham
From the lookout

4. Scenic flight across Kakadu

While you can explore Kakadu by car and by foot, one of the most impressive ways to take in the vast and outback landscape is by scenic flight. Soar across floodplains, roaring waterfalls and incredible scenes of untouched bushland and really take in just how remote and beautiful this section of the world is. Companies like Kakadu Air, The Scenic Flight Company and Katherine Aviation have a variety of scenic flights available from Jabiru.

5. Nawurlandja Lookout

A 25 minute drive south from Jabiru and you’ll find yourself at Nawurlandja Lookout, one of the most beautiful places in Kakadu (if not the world) to watch the sun dip below the horizon.

A short hike up the rocky escarpment and you’ll find yourself with sweeping views across Kakadu. Watch on as the surrounding mountains are tinged with a golden glow before the moon rises silently across the landscape before you. And if you’re an early riser this is also a popular spot for sunrise.

Nawurlandja Lookout Kakadu Sarah Latham

6. Nanguluwurr Gallery

Just around the corner from Nawurlandja Lookout (and 20 minute drive from Jabiru) you’ll find the Nanguluwurr Gallery. Nanguluwurr is lesser visited compared to other rock art in Kakadu due to the 4km return trail through the flat bushland to get here. However, that just makes it all the more impressive. Here you will find contact art of a sailing ship and X-ray artwork.

Nourlangie Rock Art Kakadu Sarah Latham
Nourlangie Rock Art Kakadu Sarah Latham

7. Yellow Water Cruise

Yellow Water is one of Kakadu’s famous attractions and is found a 35 minute drive from Jabiru. Offering both a sunrise and sunset cruise, you can explore the crocodile infested wetlands and learn about the wildlife that call this billabong their home. If you want to visit, be sure to book in advance as this popular attraction is likely to sell out.

Yellow Water Cruises Kakadu Sarah Latham
Yellow Water Cruises Kakadu Sarah Latham

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